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MemberSHIP - Individual

Per Item Price: $35.00


Includes: Member Card, Party, Email Updates plus Early Lodging Reservation, Ticket Discounts,
Access to Weekend PLUS passes (until sold out)

(Note: Ticket Discounts available online AFTER membership is processed).

Does NOT include admission to festivals or events.

$35 ROOTS Individual
o LEAF Membership Card
o LEAF Membership Party (WHERE: LEAF Barns, WHEN: Sunday at LEAF, TIME: 10-11am, WHO: ALL MEMBERS*!
o Email Updates including inside information, we’ll keep you updated on all the LEAF Happenings through our year round LEAF efforts through artistic educational opportunities locally and abroad!
o Year Round Discounted tickets. 5% discount on order of LEAF tickets. Discount of tickets limited based on level of membership. For Individual level up to $10 discount max, for Family up to $15 max, for Supporter up to $20 max, for Benefactor up to $25 max, for Patron up to $30 max per festival. Year round discounts DO NOT apply to lodging, merchandise, Group orders or during first tier ticket pricing (January & June). 
o Lodging reservations available during the month of December & June for Members Only-this is a great opportunity-so if you want to reserve your room-make sure that your membership is up to date!

* Non-members who would like to attend the Membership Party can sign up at the door.



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