Nex Millen

Nex Millen – Graffiti Art & Hip Hop

   Nex Millen is an accomplished Music Producer, Artist, and DJ from the city of Philadelphia.  He has 20 years of experience in the music entertainment industry, not only as an artist, but also in the fields of Music Retail, Music Marketing, and Artist Development.  Nex’s journey from performing artist to teaching artist began in 2006 when he began teaching a Hip Hop Culture Program with The Fellowship Farm summer program for inner city teens.  In 2012, Nex began teaching DJ and Modern Music Theory classes at Boom Room Studios in Philadelphia.  Three years later and newly relocated in Asheville, NC, he partnered with LEAF Community Arts as a welcome addition to the ONEmic Studio and EMErgence programs.  Nex is passionate about teaching the culture of music and recognizing its impact in our day to day lives.  “Music helps us to truly live in harmony with ourselves,” Millen explains.  Along with guiding youth to strengthen their musical talents and find their musical paths, Nex emphasizes the importance of learning different aspects of the music industry. As major labels step back from the forefront and the rise of independent artists continues, it’s important for anyone who is interested in having a career in music to have a good understanding about how the industry operates behind the scenes.  

“We are providing people with the knowledge they need to succeed,” Millen says.  “That is one of the reasons I’m a Teaching Artist.”

For more info on Nex, please visit – OrganicSynergy.Biz