SPRING LEAF Festival Lineup

“Breaking Ground”

Join us this Spring for the
48th LEAF Festival May 9-12

“They say the creation of a thousand forests lies in a single acorn. One word, one choice, one gesture no matter how seemingly small, has the power to transform this world for the better. For the 48th LEAF Festival, we’ve scoured the globe to select artists who are architects of positive change using the strength & resilience of their creative expression to uplift our communities. Artists who defy expectation, remaining true to their path allowing authenticity to guide them to ever higher heights of accomplishment & impact. Artists who value the importance of planting deep roots as much as reaching for the stars. As LEAF Community Arts approaches a new phase in its legacy with the creation of a year round Global Arts Center, we welcome one and all to gather at the beautiful Lake Eden to celebrate this new inspiring chapter in our journey together. Bring your hopes, your dreams, your families, and an open heart for a world culture celebration you will never forget.”  ~ Ehren Cruz, Artistic Director

Learn more about 48th LEAF Festival Artists Below!