Join us for the 47th LEAF Festival!
October 18-21, 2018

“Bringing It Home”

“What does HOME mean to you? Is it in the streets, fields, and forests where you grew up? Or does it rest in the warm embrace of a loved one after a long day? Of all the places we plant our roots, few things bring us HOME in our hearts like music. The strum of a guitar, the beat of a drum, the echoing chorus of a favorite song… Music holds a way of guiding us to a place of inner peace, joy and sanctuary unlike anything in this world. For the 47th LEAF Festival, we have scoured the globe to find artists that strike that special chord that connects us to our origins. Whether you were raised in the city streets of Brooklyn New York, were brought up on the banjo of Appalachia, or are born of a nation oceans & miles away  – this LEAF Festival we welcome one and all to celebrate what HOME means to YOU. For 24 years, LEAF has thrived as a community born of friendships, memories, and cultural celebration. This Fall LEAF we will take that legacy one step further welcoming artists from nations who find their homes in great peril, yet despite all odds continue to share their music, message, and medicine with us all. Join us this FALL where three generations of families hailing from the four corners of the Globe will gather to celebrate the power of music & arts to Bring Us Home
as ONE Family once again.” ~ Ehren Cruz, Performing Arts Director

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