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What is the LEAF Endowment Fund?

LEAF is creating the Endowment Fund that will act as a sustainable pillar of support for the communities we serve. LEAF provides cultural arts education to communities both locally and globally. LEAF weaves these communities together to foster a sense of global citizenship, generate positive youth development, and preserve cultural identity. The Endowment Fund will give LEAF the ability to move beyond short-term partnerships, and commit long-term resources to programs serving the most fragile communities here in Buncombe County and across the globe. Through the Endowment’s support, our partners will know that LEAF is committed to supporting partnerships at or above expected levels.

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The Endowment is all about supporting LEAF’s long-term vision to strengthen and deepen and LEAF’s key partnerships both locally and globally.

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What Does LEAF Mean to You?

I believe in the power of African-American youth in Asheville and that through music and arts they have voice to change their lives. LEAF offers youth the opportunity to find this voice within themselves, and because of that I support the work they’re doing in our community.

Cameron Maybin

Asheville Native & Professional Baseball Player with Detriot Tigers

LEAF serves in our local neighborhoods as well as with our global partners. The LEAF Endowment Fund gives me great hope because we will be able to say to organizations like The Delta House, residents of Southside & Burton Street neighborhoods, members of The Bribri First Nation, and many other partners that LEAF is committed to working with you to preserve cultures and empower communities through cultural arts for decades to come.

Jennifer Pickering

LEAF Founder & Exectutive Director

It is easy to trust people when you see their eyes at the end of a journey, when there is no need to pretend anything. I saw beautiful souls, I saw young pals getting a voice of their own and growing. Thanks to LEAF for moving our World and making a place with no frontiers where our Ngabe and Bribri artists (young & old) can be whoever they want and look at an open horizon in the future, and a power heritage in their past.

Luis Porras Mora

LEAF International Costa Rica Coordinator with Ngabe-Bugle & Bribri First Nations

For me, LEAF’s programs hold a special place in my heart. I also work with reforestation, as you might imagine me being in the Amazon. There’s a lot of speak in current discourse of the rampant loss of biodiversity in our world. And it’s true. But what is too often overlooked is the rapid loss of cultural diversity in our world, which is in fact being lost at a far faster rate than its bio counterpart. Little focus has been given to the dire need of cultural preservation work in global discourse and funding circles, despite recent reports by the UN of the important role culture plays in not only sustainable development, but in the role of proper management of environmental resources as well (breakdown in culture results in the breakdown of social structures that maintain systems of environmental and social stewardship, simply put). Cultural preservation is the key missing link to communities keeping the circle together for them to take ownership over the multitude of other pressing issues they face, and ultimately, that our world faces. 

Georgia Beasley

LEAF International Global Ambassador (working remotely from the Peruvian Amazon)

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