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Treat yourself at LEAF’s HEALING ARTS! With over 50 healing arts workshops throughout the weekend (free of charge), enjoy various yoga, dance, and martial arts classes, as well as workshops on nutrition, diverse healing traditions, ancient earth skills, and plant walks. Also explore many different holistic health modalities through the healing arts booths (offered at a fee) where you can enjoy a relaxing massage, rolfing, acupunture, chiropractic work, and more! A perfect way to add rest and rejuvenation into your festival weekend.

FALL LEAF 2018 “Bringing it Home”

Healing Arts Presenters


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FREE Healing Arts Workshop at LEAF…
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We have 4 areas around the festival where 60 or more Healing Arts workshops are held:

Earth Tent: movement, dance, yoga, music, sound healing and more…

Sky Tent: lectures, writing, meditation, improv, music and more…

Earth Skills: sustainability, permaculture, building, nature walks, education and more…

Dream Lounge: conscious communication, movement, yoga, sound healing, meditation and more…



If you are interested to see the offerings that were brought to Spring LEAF, check out the schedule below.


Healing Arts Fall LEAF Festival 2018
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If interested in hosting a
Healing Arts Booth at LEAF…
please read all info below!!!

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Fall LEAF Festival (October 18th-21st, 2018)



Healing Arts Vendors

Fall LEAF Festival 2018!


Twice a year we pack up the spa and set up a double massage booth as a Healing Arts Vendor at LEAF.  Doing massage at LEAF is a sublime, almost surreal experience for me.  Often our booth is right smack in the middle of all the action and during a session I’d hear kids reeling in zip line delight, beats from main stage, people negotiating deals on crafts, and many more interesting sounds from the other side of the tent.  I find that people actually drop into deeper states of relaxation while getting massaged at LEAF, even amidst all the chaos.

Sleeping on the ground, dancing all night long, and the constant barrage of visual, auditory, social and artistic stimulation seem to cause the body to contract and tense in many ways.  Many people report their massage has hit a “reset” button, which allows them to enjoy even more of the festivities and good times.  I have found my sweet spot at LEAF through offering massage.  It is my favorite way to contribute to the LEAF experience as I’d rather be helping someone to unwind their headache than jamming all night long at Eden Hall.  I feel lucky to have the opportunity to serve the LEAF community through massage and bodywork.

-Corey Costanzo, Co-Owner Still Point Wellness