LEAF Culinary Arts

LEAF Cafe in Eden Hall and various Culinary Booths throughout the festival grounds provide gourmet, international fare from local chefs. All the food is freshly prepared on site, and there is something for almost anyone from vegetarians to BBQ fans. We have a good diversity and long hours to keep everyone happily fed.

LEAF 2017 Culinary Passport

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5 excellent meals for just $55. Pre Purchase on line or pick up with the Corner Kitchen cashier at Eden Hall during any meal period.

What is Corner Kitchen Cooking up for LEAF in Eden Hall?  See below!

Corner Kitchen Cafe at Eden Hall

Corner Kitchen, a new sponsor of LEAF, is excited to feed you and your community loving spirit. Corner Kitchen has developed a menu, including responsible gluten free options that will satisfy everyone! Not only is their food delicious, but it is also locally sourced as much possible from Asheville and Buncombe County food partners. They even farm some of their own produce! Corner Kitchen tries to “under promise and over deliver” leaving every customer accommodated, fulfilled and happy.
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Culinary Food Booths

LEAF festival hosts various local culinary artists.

Click on the pictures below to see a list of various culinary food booths
scattered throughout the festival and see LEAF map to find these locations.

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New Culinary Booth vendors are only considered when there are openings. CURRENTLY we have no openings.
Questions: Email to foodvendors@theLEAF.org
To be put on the waitlist click on the button below:

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