LEAF Culinary Arts

LEAF Cafe in Eden Hall and various Culinary Booths throughout the festival grounds provide gourmet, international fare from local chefs. All the food is freshly prepared on site, and there is something for almost anyone from vegetarians to BBQ fans. We have a good diversity and long hours to keep everyone happily fed.

Fall 2018 Culinary Passport

5 excellent meals for just $50.

Save time & money!
Purchase online before the festival or pick one up at the Southside Kitchen cashier in Eden Hall during any meal period.

{ Gluten Free & Vegetarian Options Available }

Fall 2018 Menu

Welcome Southside Kitchen!

Southside Kitchen is a social enterprise of Green Opportunities. Green Opportunities (GO)’s mission is to train, support, and connect people from marginalized communities to sustainable employment pathways. GO is dedicated to building a just and inclusive workforce in Asheville. Our holistic training programs offer technical and life skills training, portable credentials, and personalized support services that empower GO students to overcome personal barriers to employment.

Since 2012, the GO Kitchen Ready program has provided free short-term instruction in the culinary arts to 175 residents of Asheville and Buncombe County. As part of their on-the-job training experience, the Kitchen Ready students operate a community kitchen in Asheville’s historic Southside neighborhood, where wholesome donation-based meals are served to the public three times a week. GO also operates Southside Kitchen, a social enterprise that employs Kitchen Ready graduates in catering, contract food production, and other culinary ventures. Graduates of the GO Kitchen Ready program are employed as managers, line cooks, dishwashers and more at restaurants and hotels throughout Asheville.


The LEAF Cafe is always created with a partner to feed LEAFers with community loving spirit and nourishment. For the past 3 years, Corner Kitchen has been creating their pop up cafe at LEAF. With the arrival of a new baby and their award winning AVL restaurants Chestnut and Corner Kitchen thriving, they are giving up their catering endeavors. Make sure to visit them in AVL!

Culinary Food Booths

LEAF festival hosts various local culinary artists that represent several cultures and cuisine options to make your LEAF life delicious. A few change from time to time; however, many culinary booths are longtime LEAF Traditions.

Click on the pictures below to see a list of various culinary food booths
scattered throughout the festival and see LEAF map to find these locations.

Click For LEAF Festival Map

New Culinary Booth vendors are only considered when there are openings. CURRENTLY we have no openings.
Questions: Email to foodvendors@theLEAF.org
To be put on the waitlist click on the button below:

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