“Thanks to LEAF last year for the support. We were able to build this wonderful place that we can now call our center.”
-Luis Porras Mora, LEAF International Costa Rica Coordinator

After the devastation of tropical storm Nate last October, several villages in our LEAF International Costa Rican community were destroyed. With resilience, hope & a lot of hard work from the community, a traditional Cabecar house in the middle of the mountain was built. This house will be the location where culture keeper Luis Salazar will teach the preservation of traditional medicine, ancient songs & dances, and the mother language.

Ujarras has been affected because it is very close to the inter-americana highway – sothey have no traditional doctors. Culture Keeper Luis Quetzal crosses the territory in a 3 day journey to teach what is left to be preserved. In Ujarras, the Jutsini is ready and was inaugurated with a ceremony on December 26. Jutsini is the name for a conical house that is also a model of the universe. The Jutsini was built for young people of the Ujarras community, so they can learn more about their language and recover the lost arts of singing & healing with medicinal plants.

LEAF International Costa Rica programs are made possible by the continued support of LEAF MemberSHIP. LEAF gratitude to all that make cultural preservation possible in our global communities. Gracias! THANK YOU!!!