LEAF WeX Frequently Asked Questions

WeX ROCKs! LEAF counts on WeXs to help create each of our signature events. Below are the questions (with answers) to the most frequently asked questions we receive. We want to make being part of LEAF’s WeX as meaningful and easy as possible. If you can’t find the answer to what you’re looking for here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! Take pride in being part of LEAF WeX by reading all the info.


What is LEAF WeX 

LEAF WeX is the LEAF Festival Work eXchange. It is a program that allows you to work 10, 15, or 20 hours in exchange for LEAF Festival tickets and perks.

Becoming a LEAF WeX 

How many WeX Members are accepted each festival?

Approximately 500 WeXs are accepted for each LEAF Festival. 

What is the deadline to apply to do WeX?
There are NO deadlines! We accept WeXs until all positions have been filled. We will announce on our website when there are no more shifts available.

How old do you have to be to do WeX?
To do WeX you need to be 21 or over. Those that are 18-21 may potentially be accepted as a WeX with a letter of recommendation from a teacher/employer/community leader/etc (not your parent) and two references (not your parent). Supporting documents should be emailed to WeX@theLEAF.org after applying to do WeX. You should send your 2 references with contact information and whomever is writing your letter of recommendation should send it with your name as the subject line of the email.

What do I get for doing WeX?

WeXs receive a ticket and additional perks based on their commitment level.

  • “WeX Crew” work a total of 10 hours in exchange for a Weekend Ticket (Fri-Sun)
  • “WeX Plus Crew” work a total of 15 hours in exchange for a Weekend Plus Ticket (Thu-Sun)
  • “WeX Star Crew” work a total of 20 hours in exchange for a Weekend Plus Ticket (Thu-Sun) and a Culinary Passport  –OR– a guest pass. WeX Stars must have been a previous WeX and be in good standing. WeX Star Guest Passes are LIMITED and first come first serve.
  • Tent camping is included in with all WeX tickets. 
  • Vehicle Camping is not included but may be purchased online or by calling the office. Regular Parking ($10 per car at check-in or in advance) is in general parking Gate 6 (The Moon).  Pack light & simple. 

How do I apply to do a WeX?

  1. Purchase a WeX application, this can be done online or over the phone. *The $25 application fee is non-refundable.*
  2. You will then be e-mailed the link to the online application (this can take up to 48 hours).  
  3. Once you have received the link, complete the application and give your give your deposit via check or credit card. 
  4. Submit the application.
  5. Review it for accuracy and Submit again.
  6. Email the WeX & Volunteer Team any supporting documents.
  7. Once your application is received it will be reviewed and you will be scheduled or emailed for additional information.

When is an application considered complete?
An application is considered complete when we have received it with all information, supporting documents for those 18-21, and deposit information.

What is the difference in the application fee and the deposit? Will my deposit be cashed?

The application fee is what you paid to get the application. It is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

The deposit is your ticket plus a no show fee and is not charged in advance. You can opt to use the credit card you used to purchase your LEAF WeX application for your deposit -OR- you can opt to mail a deposit check.  Please note that we do NOT place any holds on your credit card you are simply authorizing us to charge it should you not fulfill your WeX commitment. Your deposit check is not cashed but held until your WeX commitment is completed.  If you don’t have a checking account, and want to mail a check you can use a friend’s and put your name on the check in the memo line.  

How do I know that I have been accepted as a WeX?

You will receive an email with your confirmation or a request for additional information within 10 days of us receiving your application.  Make sure your email accepts email from WeX@theLEAF.org & Volunteers@theLEAF.org and does not see it as spam (adding us to your address book/contact list is an easy way to ensure you get our emails). If you have not heard from us 10 days prior to the festival please email and let us know. 

How are WeXs scheduled?

The WeX Team will review  applications and assign WeXs with completed applications  to their shifts based on the WeX applicants availability, preferences, qualifications and shift availability.  Once you have been assigned to shifts, please try to fulfill your commitment. If something does come up, please email (WeX@theLEAF.org) us as soon as possible so that we can work to fill your shifts!

What is the acceptance process?

We accept and schedule on a first come first serve basis. 

Will I be accepted?

The answer is yes 97% of the time. Unless one of the two things listed below happens you will be accepted.

You won’t be accepted *IF*

–You do NOT fully complete and submit the application
–You have previously been accepted as a WeX or Volunteer and did NOT fulfill your commitment. You will have been notified at that time that you are no longer eligible and will NOT be accepted.

Can I cancel my commitment?

If you cannot fulfill your commitment, notify WeX@theLEAF.org ASAP!! Cancellations made at least 10 days prior to the start of the festival are without deposit penalty. (It will still be noted in your file.) Cancellations made less than 10 days prior to the festival are considered No-Shows and your deposit will be cashed.  ALL cancellations must be done in writing–over the phone is not acceptable notification.

Big Deal Notes:

  • ONLY WeX Plus and Star may arrive and/or work on Thursday.
  • NO camping or reserving campsites prior to 4:00pm Thursday.
  • Dogs and other pets are not allowed at any time at LEAF. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • WeXs must vacate festival grounds by 7pm Sunday unless otherwise noted.

Your Role as a LEAF WeX

How early/late do WeXs have to work?

Before and after the Festival you can expect to work starting at 9am up to 6pm. During the Festival, shifts begin as early as 7:30am and end as late as 2am. 

Can WeXs request certain shifts?

Yes. On the application form you can identify your preference for job areas and tell us what shift times work best for you. We will work as hard as we can to make sure everyone gets a shift they will enjoy. The sooner you send in your application the more likely you will get the shifts that you have requested.

How do I know when to work?

You will be notified whether you are working prior to, during, or following the festival when you receive your confirmation email (the one with your ticket). We also send out a copy (subject to change) of the WeX schedule ahead of time. If you are working prior to -OR- following the festival your confirmation email will also let you know which day and where to go. If you are working during the festival you will receive your final schedule upon checking in with the WeX Team at the Boathouse after you arrive at the festival. Please do not try to change your shifts. We work around your availability and do our best to meet your requests. Coordinating nearly 500 WeXs twice a year is a considerable task and sticking with your original shift helps the festival run smoothly. If for some reason you MUST change your shift please notify us as soon as possible at WeX@theLEAF.org and we will do our best to work with you.

When do WeXs get their work schedule?

A copy of your WeX schedule will be emailed to you. When you receive it will depend on when you apply, however, they begin going out in March for May Festival and August for October Festival. Final schedules will be available upon arrival. Typically you receive a copy within 2 weeks of your confirmation once they start being sent out. Please do not call the office with schedule questions; you can email WeX@theLEAF.org

What are the different jobs?

We need strong people for Set Up, Tear Down and Clean Up; good hosts for VIP and Concessions; safe drivers for our Zoom Team; and all around LEAF lovers to work in all the venues on the Festival grounds. For more detailed information, please review WeX Roles & Opportunities.

Where do I park?

WeXs park in general parking Gate 6 (The Moon) unless they have purchased a Vehicle Camping Permit or are a LEAF Member that receives VIP Parking.

When do I need to be there?

Please plan to be on-site with enough time to check-in with the WeX Team 15 minutes prior to the start time of your first shift. If you need to set up your campsite, cabin, etc. please arrive an hour and a half before your shift begins—Keep in  mind that NO camp site can be set up BEFORE 4:00pm on Thursday. Please indicate what time you will be ready to work on your application.

How and where do I check in?

Your check in process is in two parts:

  1. First, WeXs will go through Drive Thru Check-In at the Owen Pool (Drive Thru Check-In times are:  Thurs: 6:00-10pm, Fri: 9am-11pm, Sat: 9am-11pm. Do not come early–there is no temporary/holding lot. Do not come late–the gates close) *Please Thursday check-in and arrival is ONLY for Plus and Star WeXs. Here you will check in your ticket & get your parking pass. Parking $10 per car at drive-thru and in advance online. 
  2. Once you are parked, drop off your camping gear, and come to WeX Headquarters to check in with the WeX Team. Here you will get your schedule card and information pertaining to your shifts.

*Please Note:*  If you have a shift outside the normal festival hours, you will be told where to go to check-in in your confirmation email.

How do I get my wristband for admission to the Festival?

When you check in at the Drive-Thru Check-In you receive your wristband for admission to the Festival. (See previous question for further details.)

Who is in charge of WeXs?

The WeX staff is made up of LEAF Staff. Throughout the year we plan for each Festival, coordinate meetings for our WeX Team to set policy, etc. Our most intense period of work is one month prior to the Festival and the month of the Festival itself. During the Festival we will be in and out of the WeX Headquarters. Please do not hesitate to find us should any problems arise.

Can my child accompany me on my shift?

Unfortunately, no. It is important you are focused first on your WeX work and are fully present during your shift. We request that you make childcare arrangements for the times you will be on shift. Childcare is available at the Festival in Elfhaven ($).

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, no. It is for the safety of all festival patrons, WeXs, staff and performers. 

When are deposits cashed?

  • You don’t turn in your WeX card.
  • You turn in your WeX card without sufficient signatures from you shift supervisor(s) for EACH and ALL SHIFTS.  
  • You turn in your WeX card with bogus signatures.
  • You don’t show up to the festival.

Turn in your signed WeX card once you have completed your shifts.  If you do not drop off your card at WeX Headquarters before you leave the festival you must send us your signed work card! You can send it in the mail–within ONE WEEK (arrive by the following Sunday’s mail)–or you can send us an email with it scanned as an attachment. All DEPOSIT CHECKS will be torn up after we receive your signed card and successful completion of your shifts according to our WeX Policy. 

What if my availability changes?

Please email as soon as you know there is a change in your schedule. We appreciate your timeliness on this issue, as your shift is very important and we will have to work to find someone to fill it. 

THANKS for WeXing AND taking the time to read!  We hope we answered all of your questions, if not please email WeX@theLEAF.org. See you at LEAF!