Concessions Volunteers

Volunteers help create LEAF!  Being of SERVICE is such a great way to be a part of LEAF.  Year-round volunteers are also welcomed and needed for specific projects. LEAF is a lot of fun AND remember, you are committing to being at LEAF and working your assigned duties & hours. Please take pride in your part by reading all the information on Volunteer Info (see right). We are grateful for YOU & count on YOU. THANKS! -Volunteer Team

LEAF needs 550+ Volunteers each festival at the Boathouse to get people in canoes & kayaks, in the Kitchen to prepare yummy meals, recycle & clean with the Green Team, serve up local Brews & beverages at Concessions, help people out at First Aid, customer service with Zoom and so much more that truly helps make LEAF happen! Volunteering is cool!

VOLUNTEER= Work 10 hours in exchange for a in exchange for Weekend PLUS Pass (Thurs 6pm – Sun 7pm) that includes overnight tent camping. Meals and drinks are not included. The 10 hours can be completed during the festival or Pre/Post Festival. Shifts are 5-hours each or a full day. 

STAR VOLUNTEER= A step between a 10- hour volunteer and staff. Stars work a total of 20 hours in exchange for 2 Weekend PLUS Passes (1 for you and 1 for a guest) or 1 Weekend PLUS Pass (for you) + Meal|Drink Pass – Value $368. Star Volunteers must have previously volunteered and be in good standing. Star Volunteers may have more responsibility and it is a great opportunity to get more involved. 

Applications for May 2015 are now closed!
 Volunteer Applications 
1. Click below to buy Volunteer App or Star Volunteer App. App non-refundable fee $21 is paid by this purchase.
2. Your application link is emailed to you within 48 hours. 
3. Complete online application & submit [Do DEPOSIT and ID Image online].
4. Your application will be processed when COMPLETE application is received.

All volunteers are accepted so count on being here! 



Apply EARLY to get your favorite Volunteer position. All positions are 1st come, 1st serve!  Thanks for applying! See you at LEAF! 

LEAF Internships

LEAF is a great way to complete college internships. Whether it’s for a summer, semester or year LEAF offers students the opportunity to work directly with the staff who organize the arts education programs, fundraisers and festivals. Internship focus areas include but are not limited to:

LEAF Schools & Streets • LEAF International • Marketing • Special Event Planning • Development • Arts Management • Communication

LEAF will work with students and professors to best accommodate both the organization and students needs. Interested interns please contact for an intern application.