LEAF Volunteer & WeX!!!



Thank YOU for supporting LEAF! Volunteers and WeXs truly help create LEAF! Your gift of service to LEAF Community Arts make an impact during signature events and supporting LEAF’s mission! CLICK HERE to take a short survey to tell us about your experience with LEAF.

Introducing LEAF WeX!!

LEAF WeX is the new LEAF Festival Work eXchange (WeX). Formerly Volunteers we’ve opted to shift the name and give some different benefits. Here’s the 411 on the shift:

WHY?? We want to honor those that help us create this beautiful event twice a year at Lake Eden as well as those that are stepping into the more traditional volunteer roles at LEAF Global Arts year round and at LEAF Downtown.

WHAT is changing? The name, WeX Star Crew benefit, & Festival HQ
Regular Volunteers are now WeX Crew. Work 10 hours in exchange for Weekend (Fri to Sun) Ticket
Plus Volunteers are now WeX Plus Crew. Work 15 hours in exchange for a Weekend Plus (Thu to Sun) Ticket
Star Volunteers are now WeX Star Crew. Work 20 hours in exchange for a Weekend Plus (Thu to Sun) Ticket AND a Culinary Passport -OR- a Star Guest Pass Ticket (Thu to Sun). Guest passes are LIMITED.
WeX Headquarters (HQ) will now be located under the Ship with a designated lounging area for WeXs.
WHEN are the changes taking place? This will go into effect as of January 1, 2020.
Questions or Concerns?  No worries! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! WeX@theLEAF.org or Volunteers@theLEAF.org. We LOVE hearing from you!!

WeX Applications for the 2020 Fall LEAF Festival are open!

LEAF Festival WeX Overview:

WeX (Work eXchanges) help create LEAF Festival each May and October!  We count on the service of 500+ WeXs to help make LEAF Festival come to life-wow! Opportunities include assisting the Boathouse crew to get people in canoes & kayaks, prepare yummy meals in Eden Hall, serving up local brews & beverages at Concessions, help people at First Aid, customer service with Zoom and much more that helps make LEAF happen!

LEAF Festival WeX Options

WeX: Work 10 hours in exchange for a Weekend Ticket (Fri 9am – Sun 7pm) that includes overnight tent camping. Thursday access not included.
WeX Plus: Work 15 hours in exchange for a Weekend Plus Ticket (Thursday 6pm – Sun 7pm). Those that are completing WeX Plus hours must be available for a Thursday shift.
WeX Star: Work 20 hours in exchange for a Weekend Plus Ticket (Thursday 6pm – Sun 7pm) AND Culinary Passport or Guest Pass*. Star WeXs must have previously worked for LEAF and of course be awesome. *Guest Passes are limited and first come first serve. We’ll cross it out when it’s no longer an option.

We accept applications until all shifts have been filled. The team is always trying to improve to accommodate our growing organization, generosity of WeXs and the needs of our fun crews! Spring WeX applications open January 1st and Fall WeX applications open July 1st. We look forward to working with you and thank you for your contribution to LEAF!



LEAF Downtown AVL Volunteer Overview:

It takes many hearts and hands to build an event like LEAF Downtown AVL & this is a key fundraiser for LEAF Schools & Streets LOCAL cultural arts education programs. It’s easy, fun, & we need volunteers! LEAF Downtown Volunteer Applications open May 1st, and we love groups volunteering together. We are always evolving the Volunteer plan, so if you have ideas, email volunteers@theLEAF.org.

LEAF Downtown Volunteer Details & LEAF Love:

VOLUNTEER = 1 shift* | LEAF Downtown Volunteer T-Shirt + 1 Beverage Token & LEAF Sticker + Invite to LEAF Downtown Pre-Party
PLUS VOLUNTEER = 2 shifts* | T-Shirt & Sticker+ 2 Beverage Tokens + Invite to LEAF Downtown Pre-Party w/ Complimentary beverage
STAR VOLUNTEER = 3 shifts* | T-Shirt & Sticker+ 3 Beverage Tokens + Invite to LEAF Downtown Pre-Party w/ Complimentary beverage

•Arrive at least 15 minutes early to check-in & Be LEAFy.
•If you are a no show– you’ll get bad karma & loose option to volunteer at future LEAF events.
•Fulfill all committed to shifts (if you can’t then have a friend replace you).
•Concessions Volunteers must complete online certification/training.
•NO DRINKING unless off duty & out of LEAF t-shirt.
•No smoking & No dogs (Asheville Parks & Rec rules!).

*Shifts are 3 hours each at LEAF Downtown. 

LEAF Downtown Volunteer Sign Ups Powered By:


Coming Soon!
LEAF Downtown – September 11-12, 2020
Fall LEAF Festival – October 22-25, 2020

HOW TO APPLY for LEAF Festival WeX
1. CLICK HERE to purchase your WeX, WeX PLUS or WeX Star Application ($25 non-refundable fee).
2. Your application link is emailed to you within 24 hours. (Double check spam & junk folders) 
3. Application is complete when one of the following apply:
  • You are 21 yrs or over –  have completed all fields and submitted deposit via check or credit card (online).
  • You are under 21 yrs –  have completed all fields; submitted deposit due via check or credit card (online); and submitted two references and a letter of recommendation from an employer or administrator.

WeXs are accepted on a rolling basis, in other words until all roles are filled! Apply early to secure favorite roles.

Let’s get started

Get the answers to your questions!

Check out the different positions that we offer and have available!

Sign up here to express your interest in volunteering at LEAF Global
Questions or ideas, email WeX@theLEAF.org or volunteers@theLEAF.org

A huge THANK YOU to all of our 2019 LEAF Volunteers & WeXs!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!! We look forward to having you back in 2020!

2019 LEAF Festival WeX Crew!!

 We’d like to give a shout of thanks to our 2019 LEAF Festival WeXs! We couldn’t have done it without you!!

Emily Abel · LuAnn Arena · Dan Arnett · Zia Assad · George Austin · Ancrum Ballenger · Madeleine Baselice · Toni Becker · Jane Margaret Bell · Rebecca Bennett · JamieLeigh Bennett · Robert Bennett · Ralph Bergstedt · Christina Bertelli · M.E. Bethel · Jeremiah Blossfield · Benjamin Bogardus · Chris Bogardus · Susan Bogardus · Kelvin Bonilla · Samantha Bowling · Michael Brennan · Susan Bridgers · Victoria Bridges · Lynelle Brooks · Zachary Brubaker · Wesley Bryant · Chris Bubenik · William Burgess · Jordan Butt · Megan Cadwallader · Kali Cannon · Nora Carothers · Douglas Cavers · Mallory Cerkleski · Nicholas Chamberlain · Jonah Chapman · Theo Chappell · Peter Chasse · Gavin Cherry · Dan Cho · Sarah Christy · Channing Churchill · Eric Ciesla · Aleshka Cleveland · Bevin Coffee · Brianna Colina · Nina Collins · Jeannine Colloton · Renee Conover · Michael Conway · Daniel Cook · Erin Correa · Matthew Costello · John Crumley · Isabella Dagher · Destiny Dahl · Dan Damerville · Gabrielle Daniels · Beth Darnell · Katherine Davis · Isaac Deal · Matthew Deitch · Jesse Diamond · Alex Diaz · Patricia Dolan · Shaila Dozier · Natalie Dubin · Emily Ducat · Bradley Edge · Amber Edler Zollner · David Einzig · Charles Elmer · Carolina Escobar · Devon Faryadi · Jess Fenton · Colin Fernandez · Tyler Fitzgerald · David Fortner · Renee Fortner · Kearstyn Fox · Andrew Franch · Jennifer Fuller · Mark Fuller · Susannah Furr · William Gallimore · Aaron Galloway · Raven Ganey · Ethan Garrott · Patti Garrott · Max Gerckens · Stephanie Gesswein · Camber Giberson · Joe Glatstein · Jennifer Goff · Deborah Goin · Madelyn Golebiewski · William Gordon · Whitney Grabarz · Josiah Greenewald · Elizabeth Greer · Aaron Groesser · Paula Gross · Lauren Groves · Emily Haaksma · Meredith Hale · Mike Hall · John Halliday · Taylor Harbold · Martha Kelly Hartmann · Kathryn Haviland-Pabst · Corrine Hertz · Margaret Hilton · Nicole Hinebaugh · Sydney Holtschneider · Christopher Horne · Rob Horschman · Kristin House · Jessica Howard · Susan Jacques · John Janeski · Nateesha Johnson · Andrea Johnston · Micheal Jones · Joel Kaminski · Talley Kayser · Kay Kelley · Rose Keyes · Francesca Kinsey-Royer · Persephone Kinsey · Amun Knowles · Kevin Krzyzaniak · Cheyenne Lacy · Jeff Lancaster · Melissa Lancaster · Paul Landowne · Kimberly Lanzarotta · Casey Larkin · Christine Laucher · Tucker Lawton · Alexandra Lechnowskyj · Makayla Lechnowskyj · Rebecca Lesnoff · Justine Lexvold · Melanie Leyden · Jordan Lockaby · Patrick Lockett · Jen Luoni · Weston Lynch · Shelly Lyons · Nick Macalle · Sadie Maddock · Butler Mappus · Adam Matar · Deirdre Maxwell · John McDermott · Martin McDermott · Susan McDermott · Kimberly McDonald · Jennifer McDonnell · Sean McDonnell · Robert McHugh · Gretchen Mcintyre · Christina McKenzie · Alissa Mellis-Gruba · Laurie Micholychak · Crystal Morelli · Mary Morgan · Kelsi Naong · Mark Nardo · Jennifer Newby · Magaritte Nguyen · Autumn Nicholson · Elan Noel · Ben Nommay · Joshua Norsworthy · Kathleen Norsworthy · Tanner O’Cain · Sara Oakley · Thomas Odomirok · Douglas Oeser · Jacob Oley · Laine Orabona · Mayra Orlando · Allison Orton · John Orton · lydia osbrink · Henry Padilla · Megan Padilla · Justin Palentchar · Renee Panter · Steven Patch · Jennifer Pauer · Tünde Paule · Larry Pearlman · Gordon Pellegrini · Sophie Pesakoff · Ethan Peverall · Clarence Pharr · Sophia Phillips · Danny Pickett · Nyoka Pierce · Benjamin Pittman · Todd Platzer · Julia Popowski · Julia Popowski · Murphy Potts · Jonathan Pred · Austin Price · Melissa Prosnak · Richard Ransom · Vicki Ransom · Brent Rawls · Erica Rawls · Amber Reid · Thomas Richardson · Paul rickert · Tyler Rickert · Frank Roberts · Shelby Robertson  · Brannan Robson · Kieran Roe · Diane Rogers · Connell Rose · Holley Ross · Robert Ross · Shawndra Russell · Shawn Rutan · Lea Sabbag · Kristine Santos Preiser · Quinn Scobie · Erin Sebelius · Simran Sethi · Thomas Sforza · Taylor Shelton · Bailey Shirling · Erica Shortall · Jessica Shrago · Todd Slepakoff · Lindsay Smith · Virginia Sparks · Kyle Steele · Leonora Stefanile · April Steffler · Gail Stockdale · Jonette Sundberg · Aspen Talbert · Madison Taylor · Tammy Thielemann · Amy Thompson · Laura Thornton · Wesley Thornton · Glenn Todd · Deanna Tolley · Karen Vickers · Eliza Volk · Forrest Warner · Jessica West · Dylan Wheeler · Alexander Wiener · Jane Williams · Ben Williamson · Marni Wilson · Brittany Winkler · Maria Wise · Gerald Wolf · Pierce Womack · Danielle Wright · Sara Wysong

2019 LEAF Festival WeX Plus Crew!!

 We’d like to give a shout of thanks to our 2019 LEAF Festival WeX Plus Crew! All of these WeXs worked 15+ hours each!! We are so thankful for you!!

+ Maria Alvarez + Jim Bradley + Tanya Brown + Kirk Carrison + Catherine Cornett + Natalie Epstein + Abby Flinders + Bob Flinders + Jane Flinders + Richard Goldstein + Gary Guthrie + Joshua Hudson + Karen Hudson + Debra Joseph + Sara Kohrt + Dana Kreykes + Jason Kreykes + Natasha Meduri + Marshall Platt + Ronnie Potter-Bowers + Grant Rehder + Laurie Richter + Lauren Rozman + Riad Saidi + Susanna Saidi + Noah Saunders + Addison Seay + Revonda Stevenson + Lee Stockdale + Scott Talbert + Catherine Templeton + Kristen Thornton-Webb + Gino Tucillo + Sarah Wright + Elizabeth Zappa

2019 LEAF Festival WeX Star Crew!!

 We’d like to give a shout of thanks to our 2019 LEAF Festival WeX STAR Crew! All of these WeXs came out and did 20+ hours of work for LEAF Festival!! WOW! That’s 1,260 hours! Let’s give it up for them!!

◊ Michael Albanes ◊ Zander Allison ◊ Bita Ansari ◊ Chris Arne ◊ Tom Bailey ◊ Derek Brown ◊ Christopher Burlingham ◊ Bob Carpenter ◊ Nathalie Claes ◊ Michael Conroy ◊ Jamie Corriher ◊ Deidra Cox ◊ Liz Cox ◊ Lorax DeBuyser ◊ Jeff Dickens ◊ Christine Heidi Domeisen ◊ Skye Dunning ◊ Tashia Ethridge ◊ Chris Fryar ◊ Lauren Golden ◊ Christian Guadarrama ◊ Griffin Harvey ◊ John Hipp ◊ Batu Knowles ◊ Lori Jarzen ◊ Robert Jolley ◊ Lea Jones ◊ Derrick Kearney ◊ Amy Kirsling ◊ Tori Kleffman ◊ Apache Knapp ◊ Nikia Knapp ◊ Evy Kollstrand ◊ Adam Kovatch ◊ Alyce Michelle Kozma ◊ Thomas Lawton III ◊ Charly Louise ◊ Stefanie Lucas ◊ Jon Luoni ◊ Duncan Lyon ◊ Malcolm Lyon ◊ Stewart Lyon ◊ Merritt McDowell ◊ Ethan McGee ◊ Pat McGee ◊ Ali Moradi ◊ Doug Morgan ◊ Logan Noble ◊ Jessica Potter-Bowers ◊ Dan Potter ◊ Rebecca Rice ◊ Lucas Romaldini ◊ Christine Sargeant ◊ Jess Sawyer ◊ Maximiliano Machado Segovia ◊ Jesse Smith ◊ Jonathan Spencer ◊ Helaine Suskin ◊ Erika Swahn ◊ Spencer Thomas ◊ Carl Wallander ◊ Savannah Wheeler ◊ Gina Zwenger ◊ 

2018 LEAF Downtown Volunteers!!

Looking for a more long-term way to contribute time? Consider a LEAF Internship:

LEAF is a great way to complete college internships. Whether it’s for a summer, semester or year LEAF offers students the opportunity to work directly with the staff who organize the arts education programs, fundraisers and festivals. Internship focus areas include but are not limited to:

LEAF Schools & Streets • LEAF International • Marketing • Special Event Planning • Development • Arts Management • Communication

LEAF will work with students and professors to best accommodate both the organization and students needs. Interested interns please contact info@theLEAF.org for an intern application.