Volunteer with LEAF!


Want to give back to the community? Love the idea of supporting arts education in Western North Carolina and globally?


LEAF Loves & Appreciates Its Volunteers!

Volunteers impact LEAF Community Arts by: 

Supporting the 1st Annual LEAF Downtown AVL | Serving on a team for LEAF Festival


LEAF Festival – Volunteer Overview

Volunteers help create LEAF Festival!  We count on the service of hundreds of volunteers to help make LEAF come to life. Volunteer opportunities include assisting at the Boathouse to get people in canoes & kayaks, prepare yummy meals in Eden Hall, serve up local brews & beverages at Concessions, help people out at First Aid, customer service with Zoom and so much more that truly helps make LEAF happen!
In recent years, volunteer slots have been filling up more and more quickly.  So, to respond to higher demand our Volunteer program will be shifting in 2016 to accommodate our growing organization and the needs of our fun crews! Spring 2016 volunteer applications will open on January 1st and Fall 2016 volunteer applications will open on June 1st. We accept volunteers applications until all shifts has been filled. 
We look forward to working with you and thank you for your contribution to LEAF!


LEAF Festival – Volunteer Roles

VOLUNTEER = Work 10 hours in exchange for a Weekend Ticket (Fri 9am – Sun 7pm) that includes overnight tent camping. Culinary Passport is not included. 10 hours are completed at Festival, unless prior arrangements have been made for pre- or post-Festival shifts with the Volunteer Director. Shifts are 5 hours each.

STAR VOLUNTEER = Work 20 hours in exchange for a Weekend PLUS Ticket (Thurs 6pm – Sun 7pm) + Culinary Passport. Star Volunteers must have previously volunteered and be in good standing. Shifts are 5-10 hours each.


LEAF Downtown AVL – Volunteer Overview

It takes many hearts and hands to build an event like LEAF Downtown AVL & this is a key fundraiser for our arts education programs in Western North Carolina. Please apply on this page (once applications open) or e-mail your questions to volunteers@theLEAF.org.

Commit to working 4 hour shifts (Choose as many as you would like).

Arrive at least 15minutes early to check-in & Be LEAFy.
If no show- one gets bad karma & looses option to volunteer at future LEAF events.
Fulfill all committed to shifts (if you can’t then have a friend replace you).

**Concessions volunteer must complete online certification/training.
NO DRINKING unless off duty & out of LEAF t-shirt.
No smoking & No dogs (Asheville Parks & Rec rules!).

1 shift: LEAF Downtown Volunteer T-Shirt & LEAF Pin

2 shifts: T-Shirt + 2 Beverage Tokens
3+ shifts: T-Shirt +Beverages +LEAF To Go gift & Stickers

Please check back with us on/after June 1st to apply as a volunteer for the 2nd Annual LEAF Downtown or Fall LEAF Festival. 

HOW TO APPLY (Applications for Fall LEAF Open June 1st):
1. Click Below to Access Your Volunteer App or Star Volunteer App ($21 non-refundable fee due immediately).
2. Your application link is emailed to you within 48 hours.
3. Application is considered complete when one of the following conditions apply:
  • You are 21 yrs or over –  have completed all fields and submitted deposit due via check or credit card (online).
  • You are under 21 yrs –  have completed all fields; submitted deposit due via check or credit card (online); and submitted two references and a letter of recommendation from an employer or administrator.

Volunteers will be accepted on a rolling basis, in other words until all roles are filled!



Apply EARLY to secure your favorite LEAF Festival volunteer opportunity. We accept volunteers on a rolling basis so, it’s truly first come, first serve.  Thanks for applying!

Fall LEAF Festival October 20-23

Looking for a more long-term way to contribute time? Consider a LEAF Internship:

LEAF is a great way to complete college internships. Whether it’s for a summer, semester or year LEAF offers students the opportunity to work directly with the staff who organize the arts education programs, fundraisers and festivals. Internship focus areas include but are not limited to:

LEAF Schools & Streets • LEAF International • Marketing • Special Event Planning • Development • Arts Management • Communication

LEAF will work with students and professors to best accommodate both the organization and students needs. Interested interns please contact info@theLEAF.org for an intern application.