Unfolding LEAF (U-LEAF) Mobile Stage

“U-LEAF” (short for “Unfolding LEAF Mobile Stage”) is a one-of-a-kind mobile art stage, built in collaboration with Asheville Design Center through a grant project featuring 13 scholar-shipped students hailing from 7 different universities.   Drawing upon a wide range of design and technical disciplines, these students worked tirelessly for two months fabricating models, workshopping blueprints, surveying community needs, and ultimately constructing the final product making this valuable asset available to all of Asheville.   The U-LEAF is a user friendly, safe, and mobile art platform that will provide artists with an opportunity to showcase their creative talents in LEAF and community partner programs anytime, anywhere, for years to come.  

Why Build U-LEAF?

U-LEAF is first and foremost a community asset & resource.  Our purpose for creating the U-LEAF, is to foster pathways of access, inclusivity, and community-building through the collaborative production of high integrity events in neighborhoods, community centers, public parks, and even private functions.  U-LEAF is available in a variety of forms ranging from a simple stage deployment, to the provision of the stage with administrative support, and for a comprehensive experience – the stage deployment paired with admin and a full PA sound system. LEAF is thrilled to provide this one-of-a-kind mobile art stage for local communities to share their art, creativity, and performance with family & friends. Whether a community event , or a block party – bring U-LEAF and see how YOU LEAF.
*The U-LEAF is made possible by the generous support of donor and partner, Maybin Mission.


Bring U-LEAF to Your Neighborhood!

U-LEAF Equipment Specs

Performance Dimensions Electrical Requirements

Height of roof in middle: 11’6″

50-amp/220 volt

Height at ends: 10’4″

The stage does not have its own power.

Total width of stage: 18’1″

The structure consists of a mobile unfolding stage, overhang for shading, extended weather wings, storage below the stage for A/V and electrical

Total depth: 17’3″ 

Stage is roughly 270 square feet.

Estimated depth uncovered: 2’3″ (front and back)

PA is available for rental along with stage.

Estimated Depth covered in middle: 13’6″

Rental groups are strongly encouraged to consider booking a Sound Engineer.
Height from ground: 31″ Weatherproofing and rain protection advice given free of charge!                                

U-LEAF Stage Rental

If interested in renting or learning more about the U-LEAF Mobile Stage, please contact LEAF Community Events Coordinator, Marsha Almodovar, at EaselRider@theLEAF.org or call (828) 686-8742.  Please notify us a minimum of (3) weeks prior to your anticipated event need. Important Note: LEAF Global Arts reserves the right to refuse rental of the stage for any event deemed a potential hazard to the stage or its operations, or for any event deemed not in the best interest of LEAF Community Arts or the general public.


U-LEAF Safety & Liability

Please be Advised: At all times when the stage is in use, all City and/or County ordinances regarding noise, traffic, parades, etc., shall be strictly obeyed by stage staff and the renting organization. The stage staff has the power to stop the program if for any reason there is potential danger to the equipment or to the staff, e.g., winds exceeding 30 mph, unruly behavior of the crowd or the performers, etc. The renting organization is responsible for obtaining any necessary City or County permits.  Assumption of Risk: The RENTER assumes responsibility for any and all damages to the stage and/or its equipment during use. 


Booked U-LEAF? Submit Stage Needs HERE!

Sound Needs, Stage Plot, Lineup, etc due 1 week prior to event for BEST sound.
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 U-LEAF (Unfolding LEAF Mobile Stage) is utilized to promote block-party style events within a minimum of 5 of Asheville’s Untapped neighborhoods. LEAF will invite businesses and artist of Person’s of color to collaborate at different community events which will increase economic development opportunities for young & developing entrepreneurs and build sustainable relationships in the community. underresourced communities will be connected through arts engagement and be able to share and celebrate their aspirations through the arts. Additionally these events can serve to form relationships with public and private organizations to build networking and entrepreneurial opportunities. All events are free and located on public transit routes.

Other Community Events & Gatherings (2020):

LEAF resources like the mobile art lab, Easel Rider, are also critical components to other community events organized on collaboration with local partners and LEAF Resident Teaching Artists.


  • June 17: ULEAF at Haywood Congregation
  • June 18: ULEAF at Park Rhythms in Black Mountain 
  • June 25: ULEAF at Park Rhythms in Black Mountain 


  • July 9: ULEAF at Park Rhythms in Black Mountain 
  • July 16: ULEAF at Park Rhythms in Black Mountain 


  • September 26: ULEAF at Burton Street Community Center Agricultural Fair



U-LEAF Home Run Pilot 2016:

Hillcrest Juneteenth (June)

Burton Street Ag Fair (Sept) 

Goombay Festival (Sept)

Community Day at Deaverview (Oct) 

U-LEAF Home Run Series 2017:

Hillcrest Juneteenth Celebration (June 24, 12-4pm)

3rd Annual LEAF Downtown: Hood Huggers Community Talent Showcase (August 5)

Burton Street Agricultural Fair (September 16, 12-4pm)

Deaverview Community Day (October)

U-LEAF 2018 Highlights :
3/24 March for our Lives at MLK Park

6/14 Community Engagement Social at Pisgah View 

6/17 Fathers Day Dance at Walton Street Park

6/23 Junetheeth at Hillcrest 

6/28 Community Engagement Social Deaverview

8/22 Welcome table 

8/24-26 East End Heritage Festival 

9/22 Burton Street community Agricultural fair 

9/29 Peace, Love, Happiness Wesley Grant Center 

11/10 Brown Temple CME Church Southside  Community day 

U-LEAF 2019 Highlights :

1/20 Women’s March

4/6 Block Party at Wesley Grant Center

6/23 Juneteenth at Hillcrest 

920-9/22 Gombay Festival

9/29 Peace, Love, Happiness at Wesley Grant Center 

10/8 Welcome table