Year-Round Programs!

LEAF has the opportunity to impact youth beyond the festival experience. LEAF’S local teaching artists lead a variety of programs that allow youth to explore an array of arts and hone their skills.
LEAF Schools & Streets programs prepare the students for opportunities to perform at the LEAF Festival and in other community gatherings.
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LEAF Schools & Streets Teaching Artists

We are thankful for our talented resident teaching artists.  None of this amazing arts education work would happen without their dedication and commitment.  

Please take a moment to read our Teaching Artist Bios.

LEAF Schools & Streets Community Partner Sites

LEAF Schools & Streets Resident Teaching Artists work with youth at various sites in the Asheville Community.  LEAF appreciates our many community partners who provide these spaces, for this is where the magic of our arts education programs happens!

To read more about these partnerships, please visit our Community Partners page.

Resident Teaching Artist Spotlight:

Erinn Hartley

Spring 2015

“My favorite part of the class was being able to express myself and interact with other students.  I learned to not be shy, and it’s ok to be weird and have fun.” “I learned to not be afraid to be myself.”
Students shared their feelings with LEAF staff after attending Erinn Hartley’s Improv Class


LEAF partnered with the YMCA at North Buncombe Middle School to provide students with an opportunity to express themselves through an improvisation class.  With the instruction of Resident Teaching Artist, Erinn Hartley, students spent seven weeks developing their acting skills without the use of a script.  At the end of the term, the class celebrated their accomplishments at an end of year dinner and had the opportunity to showcase their talent in front of a small audience.  One audience member expressed that, “to see young students put their insecurities behind them and stand in front of a room completely unscripted, was extremely moving.” LEAF and Resident Teaching Artist Erinn Hartley hope to see more smiling faces in class next year.