┬áSam Irvin IV – LEAF Delta House Jazz Band

Samuel S. Irvin IV was born close to Asheville in Brevard, NC before relocating to attend college at UNCA, completing a Jazz and Philosophy double major in 2013. The next year, he began teaching at Asheville Music School, having an affinity for music theory, composition and direction. In 2015, Sam began working at Moog Music, in an effort to broaden his understanding of the technology-related aspects of music. His interest in cross-disciplined analysis of the world provides him with constant amazement at the myriad perspectives that music can be framed in (i.e. Theoretical, psychological, historical, cultural, etc.) “In Physics, every sound is defined by four characteristics: duration, pitch, timbre and intensity. The endless possible combinations of these variables, especially in motion, directly parallels the infinite nature of why any single note of music is ever played.” Whether it is done as a feat of self expression or to bring people together (or both), Sam believes that music is immeasurably valuable to life. An appreciation for many genres and scenes has inspired a participation in a huge variety of musical projects throughout the more than fifteen years Sam has been playing. Performing solo classical and jazz chord-melody guitar in addition to trumpet in a local soul band are two main focuses of his currently. Teaming up with LEAF and teaching with Gary Bradley for the LEAF Delta House Jazz Band are exciting opportunities for Sam to share his enthusiasm for everything music!