Madison Link is an Asheville native who loves spending time in nature exploring with her daughter, Bella, and photographing their experiences and environment along the way.  She graduated from Appalachian State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development in 2010.  Madison worked as an early childhood teacher for two years until the birth of her daughter when she became licensed as a Realtor.  She started working with LEAF Community Arts as a volunteer at the first LEAF Downtown in the summer of 2015.  After learning about the LEAF International and Schools & Streets program she decided she wanted to do whatever necessary to get involved with the organization on a deeper level. Madison joined the volunteer team as an assistant to the Volunteer Director in February of 2017 and the Easel Rider program as a teaching artist exactly a year later. “Since starting real estate in 2012 I have been looking for a way to work with children again.  My time with them is like medicine for my soul.  Their creativity and outlook on the world is so unique and truly limitless.  I love helping our youth use their imagination to express that creativity within and the Easel Rider program is the perfect opportunity to do just that!”