Jess Wharton (Goldie Lox) – Hip-Hop

Owen Middle School | YMCA program

Jessica (Goldie Lox) Wharton has been dancing her entire life. Being that her family in Columbus, Ohio owned a popular dance studio, she grew up learning Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and Gymnastics. Later in life, she found a love for hip-hop and shortly after meeting her husband (an acclaimed veteran in hip-hop dance), she dedicated her life to the study of hip-hop freestyle. Locking, Punking/Waacking, Popping (all original Hip-Hop/Funk street dances) and new and old-school hip-hop. She now travels with Nu Paradigm as an elite competitor and instructor whose teachings extend from Aquaboogy (her husband), Kid Dynamo from Aloha Funk in Hawaii, and Fluky Luke of Soul Train/Original Lockers. Blessed with the knowledge to teach, she dedicates her time reaching out in workshops, studios, and universities across the states.