DJ Kutzu – Intro to DJing & Hip Hop


 DJ Kutzu is one of Asheville’s foremost turntable masters. A member of Vinyl Time Travelers, and a host of Turntable Tuesday, he has shared the stage with the likes of DJ QBert, DJ Spooky, Jeremy Ellis, Aligning Minds, and MANY more. As his skills have progressed, so has his LARGE collection of vinyl, making sure every show is unique and fun for everyone in the crowd. Kutzu is a virtuosic, prolific electronic artist skilled in the analog art of turntablism. His signature sound melds the eclectic with the old school as creates beats with an edge. Kutzu is a cofounder of Turntable Tuesdays at the One Stop, and he nurtured his craft right here in Asheville, NC.