Cristal Fox

Cristal Rose Fox moved to Asheville and began volunteering with LEAF in 2008. Prior to being a Teaching Artist at LEAF festival, she was on the drum circle crew, green team (trash, compost, and recycling) and volunteer coordinating teams.  Originally from New York, Fox studied printmaking techniques at SUNY Purchase College of Art and Design. One day, she opened her kitchen cabinets and could not believe how boring her dishes were. She thought that she could make something much more interesting out of clay- unfortunately this is an unfulfilled vision because friends keep buying her dishes. This desire for beautiful utilitarianism led her on a journey longer than this biography (check out and she finished a BA degree in Ceramics and Sculpture at Warren Wilson college. She runs her own business, Cristal Rose Fox- Mystical Clay, and makes custom carved ceramics. She never sketches a design first, but is gifted with the ability to “channel” designs onto the clay’s surface. Her original designs are inspired by tattoos, mystical symbols, tribal body art and artifacts, pop art, Native American ceremony, and the fairy realms. She traveled extensively around the world and USA, while studying with various artists. Carving clay is her way of “scratching the surface” and allows a bold expression of imagery. While not in the studio, she is busy being mother to Rio Shen, playing alto saxophone and singing in Cristal Rose and the Silver Foxes, and cooking whole foods from scratch. She lives in East Asheville with her fiancee Scott Miller and their triple-decker Magic Love Bus pictured. 


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November 17, 2016