In alignment with world health guidelines,
LEAF created the 1st V-LEAF Virtual Festival- it was Great! People from all over the world engaged! YOU still can enjoy on your own time for the coming weeks at VLEAF is a mix of local and global live, vintage, pre-recorded concerts, workshops, conversations, poetry, and experiences for all ages to take a LEAF journey to connect you to the world and brighten your spirit. 

The 50th LEAF Festival will officially be held Oct 22-25, 2020

“What does it mean to connect cultures & create community through music & arts? It’s simply this… To create a container to hold experiences so profound, so inspirational, and so unifying that they shatter all expectations of who we think we should be… awakening us to who we truly are when we embrace the world as family.  LEAF believes a single moment can transform one’s life for the better. When you multiply those moments by 25 years, 50 festivals and hundreds of thousands of individuals hailing from all over the globe… we believe we are  transforming the  world for the better.  What do you experience at LEAF Festival?  Powerful artistic expression, enduring cultural legacy, a welcoming community of all walks of life? Absolutely…, and it goes a bit deeper than that. What brings people back time after time to our little oasis in the Blue Ridge Mountains?  True healing, transformation, and perhaps even a little bit of real magic.” ~ Ehren Cruz, Artistic Director



Learn more about 50th LEAF Festival Artists Below!

Note: We are doing our very best to preserve many of the artists from May over the next few events.  Click the link to explore them all below.  And please support your fellow musicians & artists doing this time of need.