44th LEAF Festival | May 11-14, 2017 | Ignite & Inspire

The Spring 2017 LEAF Lineup & Schedule are officially LIVE!

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“Music and art have the power to enliven the mind, awaken the heart, and inspire the soul. At a time where so many feel disconnected and divided, the 44th LEAF festival declares itself Sanctuary – creating a welcoming space for all walks of life and all ways of perceiving our diverse world. This Spring, prepare for an experience that will ignite your imagination and inspire your spirit to take hold of your creative dreams and allow them to soar.  Each artist featured over the weekend have been carefully selected for not only being masters of their craft, but for standing firm as way-showers with powerful messages of hope, freedom, and inspiration. In addition, this Spring LEAF features an NEA Grant funded “Legends of Africa” series, welcoming Artists representing 13 countries from the Mother Continent. Join us this LEAF Festival for an opportunity to reconnect with the community you love – and celebrate the unifying power of world music, ar, and culture!”

~ Ehren Cruz, Performing Arts Director nea-lockup-A

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