Experience a Carnival of Wonder for the 43rd LEAF Festival this upcoming October 21-23, 2016. Explore the official lineup below!
(Performance profiles to come Thursday July 28, 2016)


Why Carnival of Wonder?

Music, art, and culture has the power to inspire our minds, enliven our hearts, and awaken our souls. In this powerful time of transformation, may we never forget the importance of living our creative dreams and sharing what we love with the world. For the 43rd LEAF Festival, we dare you to come experience the magic, the mystery, and the magnificence of a Carnival of Wonder!  Be prepared for sights that astound, performances that ignite your imagination, and a family adventure that you will remember – forever.” ~ Ehren Cruz, Performing Arts Director

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Unifire Theater

Take a look back at incredible live performances from our SPRING LEAF FESTIVAL (MAY 12-15, 2016)! Big thanks to IAMAVL for filming these amazing sets.