“On behalf of all of the staff, volunteers, and supporters of LEAF Community Arts – we are incredibly grateful to have shared with you one of our greatest festival experiences in over 20 years at LEAF Carnival of Wonder.  From the dynamic installations, world class performances, LEAF Love mission focus, and enough family activities to make a 3 ring circus proud – LEAF pulled out all the stops to inspire the mind and enliven the heart.  And we feel we did just that!  Everywhere we turned, we saw our festival family reconnecting to their passions, finding new love, affirming the power of community, dancing your hearts out, teaching your children healthy ways to live, and reconnecting to our humanity in BIG ways.  As we journey into the challenges our community and country are facing, please remember the powerful acts of kindness and inspiration you shared with us over the weekend.  These feelings & insights are important and will keep us united in LEAF Love as we adventure ahead together! We can’t wait to do it all again with you for the 44th LEAF Festival taking place May 11-14, 2017. Tickets go on sale January 1, 2017 – And our lineup release is set for February 4, 2017!”  
~ Ehren Cruz, Performing Arts Director

Take a look back at the Fall LEAF Festival lineup, full performance schedule, and artist profiles below! Click artist photos to links to bios, websites, & video!


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