LEAF Global Arts | Mission

LEAF Global Arts (LEAF), a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, cultivating curiosity and connections to the world, others and ourselves through music and cultural arts education and experiences.

LEAF 2020 Vision: : Transforming Lives, Connecting Cultures and Generating Unity.
LEAF is looking towards 2020 and the legacy we want to be generating in the communities we serve. We see ourselves using music, art and festivals to create welcoming places and spaces of possibility that foster shared experiences powerful enough to transform lives, connect cultures and generate unity.

LEAF Values:
We Are Driven by our Mission and inspired by our Vision. 
We Act with Openness and Integrity.
We Support Each Other as Agents of Positivity and Care. “We Got This”. 
We Practice Equity.
We Collaborate with Purpose. 
We Celebrate with Gratitude.

 Families • Youth • Artists • Performers • Volunteers • Collaborators • Sponsors • Customers • Staff

Cultural Arts Education 

 LSS Logo - Black
LEAF Schools & Streets cultural arts programs use the arts to bridge cultures and create life-affirming, community building experiences – empowering our youth to become global citizens, leaders and agents of positive change.

  LI Logo - Black
LEAF International is dedicated to cultural preservation, exchange, and fostering global citizenship. LEAF collaborate with communities to support Culture Keepers who teach local youth their traditional arts.

Signature Events

LEAF Festival Logo
LEAF Festival is LEAF’s founding event. For over 20 years, an inter-generational community gathers at Lake Eden for a dynamic experience of music, art and culture for around the globe. #1 Festival for Kids, Music & Camping in Western NC. 

  LEAF - Downtown Logosm 
LEAF Downtown celebrates creativity, diversity and families in the heart of Asheville, NC. This signature and inclusive community event encourages interpersonal exchange, cultural awareness, artistic excellence and welcoming spaces for all walks of life.

LEAF is a Developmental Asset-Infused Organization

assets_circleDevelopmental Assets built through LEAF include:
Cultural Competence
Personal Power
Community Values Youth
Adult Role Models
Creative Activities



“Building a loving, life changing legacy through cross cultural connection, this is worth every penny invested; take a moment to explore what LEAF does, day in and day out. Talk to me if you have questions, this is the real deal. This is the essential work, empowering youth through music and arts, connecting us all and inviting us into being the best we can be.”

Tommy George

LEAF Board Emeritus

As an organization, LEAF Community Arts encompasses so many things that are of great value to me personally. It speaks to community (local and global), kids, music and arts. It inspires a tremendous amount of hope to see so many people coming together to exercise their philanthropic nature to a myriad of necessary causes.


Reggie Tidwell

LEAF Board President Emeritus

Making meaningful connections across diverse cultures through the arts is at once the most simple concept and one of the most complex. Making those connections locally and internationally for multiple generations is the most noble (and, in my mind, most important) mission I have ever seen a group of people undertake. This literally is a path to world peace. Any normal group of persons would find this mission too overwhelming. Too impossible. It is a good thing that this LEAF family of our is NOT normal – – not even close. We are the dreamers, the creatives, the makers, and the visionaries. This is important work. This is our work. I love you all.


Derek Allen

LEAF Board President Emeritus

I would like to welcome you to LEAF [Fall Festival], the ending of a great year and the beginning of many more to experience. Something [or someone] from LEAF, you will hold in your memories for many, many stories to that you will tell. A tear drop of love that LEAF leaves with you.


Deborah Bryant

LEAF Board Chair

LEAF Board of Directors 2019-2020

LEAF Board & LEAF Navigators (Staff)- 2018

LEAF Board & LEAF Navigators (Staff)- 2017

LEAF Board & LEAF Navigators (Staff)- 2016

LEAF Board supports LEAF Community Arts year around through visioning, planning, event support and community service.

LEAF Community Arts is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization.
Legal Name: LEAF Community Arts   DBA: LEAF

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Board of Directors 2020

Pete Roe | Board President   
Business & Finance Advisor
Deborah Bryant | Board Chair
Youth Development & Family Services
Neely Neu | Whip
Real Estate
Jim Diaz | Treasurer
Entrepreneur & Strategic Planning
Kerri Hampton | Secretary + Archivist
Educator & Non-profit Planning
Derek Allen
Civic-Minded Zoning & Land Use Planning Attorney
Joanne Badr-Morgan
Attorney, History,and Cultural & Community Leadership
Jen Beasley
Community Outreach & Logistics
Naima Dido
International Business & Community Development
Bill Feste 
Public School Educator, Instructional Technologist, & Prankster
Vanessa Guerrero
Mental Health Therapist, Education, Non Profit & LatinX Community
Dr. “Big E” Eric Howard
Educational Policies, Social Work & Photography
Jay Moye
International Marketing
Matthew Pride
City of AVL Fire Department, Community Arts Education
Justice Rogers
National Emergency Services, Community
Clare Schwartz
Co-Op Operations + Business, Sponsorships
Ford Willis
Business Operations & Longtime LEAFer
Steve Wilmans
Entrepreneur, Music & Recording Business & Preservation
Lisa Zahiya
Entreprenuer, Artist, Community Arts Education
Mike Zinsmeister
Global Marketing & Strategic Organizational Development
Board Emeritus Council |
LEAF’s Treasured Circle of Support who fueled LEAF’s work & vision, and continue to help guide LEAF forward. Board Emeritus served full Board terms or helped start the organization:
Carol Antman • Ivi Bilich • Gary Broome
Cleaster Cotton • Tracy Massiello Brown
Christine DiBenedetto • James Fisher
Tommy George • River Guerguerian
Kelly Hanson • Elbert Hargrave
Cliff Hotchkiss •  Elizabeth Hunter 
Jill Jones • Jim Magill • Holt Moore
Sarah Nie • Doug Orr
Anthony Thomas • Reggie Tidwell
Robert Todd • Jody Whitehurst
LEAF Attorneys At Law Emeritus
Bob Deutsch & Sean Devereux
Past Board Members |
Thank you for your service & Dedication to LEAF:
Jana Daley • Bob Deutsch
Sean Devereux • Vince Floriani
Selena Lauterer  • Meg MacLeod • Jim Magill
Debrissa McKinney •  Wond Hallie
Doug Orr • Jaime Perkins
Michael Perling • Chuck Pickering
Craig Plocica • Rob Routhieaux
Selenah Seabrooks • Parvinder Sethi
Elizabeth Teague • Terri Teaque
Kat Williams • Anastasia Yarbrough

Thank you for your interest in LEAF Community Arts.
As a501C3 non-profit organization and a good community steward
it is essential to have healthy business practices to take great care of LEAF’s work,
mission,and our amazing supporters investments. A few of LEAF’s priority values
are integrity, openness, and being mission-driven. If you are seeking additional information
about LEAF’s budget, policies, manuals, or other aspects please email Business@theLEAF.org.

LEAF Annual Reports
note- posted in March for previous year


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