“The deep cultural experiences – including being involved with the community – is something that this expedition has opened me to.”
-Mary Kirchner, LEAF Expeditioner
LEAF International partnered with True Nature Travels on a cultural discovery expedition to Peru. This was an opportunity for LEAFers to explore culture while traveling through Peru to discover the possibility of future program sites.
Steeped in ancient Incan, Andean, and Amazonian culture, Peru is a country rich in both ecological and cultural diversity; it is a place where long-held traditions continue to live in the hearts and minds of the people.
From the Sacred Valley to the Amazon basin, Peru is a stunning example of how the ancient and the modern can form a cohesive, living blend. This trip allowed all to experience the unique gifts the country has to offer, filled with expansive hikes, grounding ceremonies, cultural lectures, and an opportunity to give back to the local community.