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Why Saint Vincent? Steel Pan culture in Saint Vincent has been vibrant for decades. More recently, many youth have started to depart the area in efforts of looking for work opportunities on neighboring islands. Culture Keeper Kesslon Wilson felt it a great need to create music opportunities for youth that help them expand their creative talents, save the culture, make a living, and stay off the streets. As an acquaintance to the Bequia program, LEAF International Kingstown, Saint Vincent was created to help preserve Steel Pan Drum culture throughout the Grenadines.

“Our culture is being pushed to the side; however, Steel Pan drumming teaches discipline, values, & freedom. The youth are so free when they drum for the culture.”

-Kesslon Wilson, LEAF International St. Vincent Culture Keeper

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Program Description

The LEAF Elite Steel Orchestra was established 16 years ago by Kesslon Wilson. This program was created out of a strong desire to continue steel pan drumming on the mainland of St. Vincent while giving youth a positive cultural activity to focus on. Inspired by Steel Pan drumming himself as a youth, Kesslon proficiently learned every instrument used in a traditional Caribbean steel pan orchestra. His passion for music is matched with his passion to help youth, as he has been a teacher for more than 28 years. 

Meet the Culture Keeper

Kesslon Wilson

Kesslon Wilson, a well known Steel Pan musician and teacher, joined LEAF International | Kids on Pans in 2014 as the new Teaching Artist. Both leading the program forward as well as meeting the growing interest of Bequia youth in Steel Pans. Kesslon has now moved on to create his own LEAF International program on the mainland of St Vincent & the Grenadines. He is a valuable addition to the Bequia program.

Kesslon first began to learn the steel pan tradition when he was just twelve years old, and has held a passion for music ever since. Inspired by his community’s steel orchestra growing up, Kesslon has proficiently learned every instrument used in a traditional, Caribbean steel orchestra. His passion for music is matched with a passion for kids, as he has been a teacher for the past 30 years, teaching steel pan for the past 17. 


Through the project, students gain: • Steel Pan drumming skills • Community performance experience • Increased self-esteem & confidence • Cultural awareness & historical knowledge • Friendship, teamwork, & leadership skills • Community recognition 

“I am personally conveying deep and sincere thanks to LEAF for their most valuable interest and assistance not only in preserving our country’s culture but also in sharing the dream and vision of protecting and saving our youths from the clutches and wiles of negative pressures and keeping them focused on the positives of skill and self-esteem building.”

  -Kesslon Wilson, LEAF International St. Vincent Culture Keeper  

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