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New Orleans Musical Journey takes place March 19th-22th

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LEAF Schools & Streets is partnering with the Delta House to inspire & engage local youth through the world of Jazz. 


Let’s Hear It From the Kids!

              “I felt good in a way. It’s from our culture. It was a unique experience.”                              -Kaliq Moore, grade 6

“Sometimes it just relieves anger and sadness…you put it all into a song, and somebody else likes it.”  -Robert, age 16

“I learned that if I go outside of my comfort zone and explore the world, I’ll learn new things and how to cope with changes. And I think it was a good experience, because we saw some crazy but wonderful things in New Orleans.” -Destinee, grade 7


Program Overview

LEAF Delta Jazz is

Since 2011, the Jazz group has expanded and grown. Our community partner, Delta House Life Development, is so thrilled with the progress the kids have made. “The difference this program has made is beyond words” says Sheila Edwards, Delta House staffer and lead supporter. “These kids are more inspired to stay in school and they KNOW they can be successful- it’s all thanks to jazz and Mr. B.” Mr. B and Katie, his assistant, teach the youth three times a week to make the biggest impact and create the best chance to learn music skills. Some kids have only been coming for less than two months and others have been coming since it started. LEAF has made 100% IMPACT.

2013 Trip to New Orleans Highlights

In 2013, the LEAF Delta Jazz Band embarked upon a journey to the heart of jazz music and cultural traditions, in the city of New Orleans, where jazz was born. The blossoming musicians spent spring break performing at the historic Congo Square Festival, sharpening their skills with a master class at Preservation Hall and later dancing to a live performance performed by their mentors. 

The LEAF Delta band opened the festival to a crowd of cheers and later witnessed the infamous Battle of the Bands, a second line competition of area middle and high school musicians judged by legendary jazz musicians, including Preservation Hall’s Ben Jaffe.

A bus tour of New Orleans led the jazz band to the House of Dance and Feathers in the Lower 9thWard, where they learned about Hurricane Katrina and its impact on the residents of New Orleans. Museum founder and Mardi Gras Indian, Ronald Lewis shared his story of his winning struggle to preserve the history and culture of New Orleans to an awe-stricken and appreciative crowd. 

Thanks to the amazing support from the LEAF community, The LEAF Delta Jazz Band has returned from their Spring Break trip to the Big Easy, where they had the AMAZING opportunity to learn from the Grammy Award winning Preservation Hall Jazz Band and perform at the historic Congo Square Festival!

Meet the LEAF Delta Jazz Band Teaching Artists


 Gary hails from the New England area where he began his music education and saxophone studies. He studied at Housatonic College and played R&B, top 40 and jazz in the New England area. Gary continued his education at LACC and in private study in Los Angeles. He has played with Ray Charles, Dolly Parton and James Ingram.

 “The discipline they get from music, they can always apply to their life, that’s my goal with all of them. Have some fun, learn some discipline.” – Gary Bradley


  LSSKatieOaksBOCDeltaJazzErinScholze (640x301)Katie has been playing various instruments and studying music for over 20 years.  She has a degree in music education and has a degree in music performance (specializing in the pipe organ), from Middle Tennessee State University. Katie’s music teaching experiences include private lessons on various instruments, preschool and early childhood music, general music grades kindergarten through high school, instrumental and vocal ensembles at the middle and high school levels, and directing school musicals!

“I have watched these kids grow together and now they are learning to love music together.” -Katie Oaks



Meet a Student

LSSDeltaJazzKaliqSaxMMSponsorPKaliq Moore has been coming since 2011 and has been empowered by his jazz classes. Once a shy kid who could not speak in front of others, he now solos with the band.   “It means the world to me,” Kaliq says of his experience with LEAF Delta Jazz. The experiences he has gotten through the LEAF classes and opportunities to perform have opened up his mind and world to music. He has visited professional recording studios, attended master class at Preservation Hall in New Orleans, and has recently got an internship with Moog Music!   He now sees himself as a young professional musician. LEAF looks forward to the day he headlines the LEAF stage with his own band!

LEAF Delta Jazz Program Highlights

LEAF Delta Jazz partners with the UNCA Jazz Band to learn about the local music program at UNCA and hear young adult mentors play jazz. LEAF Delta Jazz Band partners with the LEAF Delta Drummers and other Delta House youth to record their own song in honor of the Delta House. LEAF Delta Jazz Band members visit Echo Mountain recording studio and sit in on a band recording their own album.

LEAF Delta Jazz play at several events such as LAAFF, LEAF Festivals, and a fundraiser for Open Doors.

Summer 2013   
Summer classes are held to continue the skills learned by the youth, and in the Fall of 2013, the band starts meeting three times a week, thanks to the funding of the Hanes Grant.

March 2013
The LEAF Delta Jazz Band takes a field trip to New Orleans! The band plays an opening set a the Congo Square Festival, learns the history and culture of New Orleans and attends a master class at the Preservation Hall.

The LEAF Delta Jazz Program partners with 5 Walnut and plays several Wednesdays at this local Wine Bar to raise funds and awareness for their upcoming field trip to New Orleans. Matt Logan, owner of 5 Walnut, commits to raising funds for the band and donates his own saxophone to a LEAF Delta Jazz player. Students Khaliq Moore and Matt Young are awarded instrument ownership due to their dedication and commitment of both practice and mastery.

The LEAF Delta Jazz Program opens for The Preservation Hall Jazz Band at the May LEAF Festival. Connecting with Ben Jaffe, the band is invited to New Orleans to take a master class with the band. 13 Youth are involved in the program.

Starting in the Fall of 2011, the LEAF Jazz Program with Gary Bradley and Logan Murray relocates to Delta House and becomes LEAF Delta Jazz. The Delta House Life Development Corp is a non-profit after school program located on S. French Broad. This valuable community partnership with Delta House allows for consistent attendance and an increase in the number of classes to twice a week. This program also offers homework assistance and other enrichment opportunities.

LEAF Klondyke Jazz Program starts in the spring in Klondyke Housing Center with teaching artist, Gary Bradley, and mentor Logan Murray. Meeting once a week, up to 11 youth of varying ages are involved in this pilot program funded by the Dan Lucas Memorial Fund.


 Thank You!    

“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.” – Dalai Lama

LEAF would alos like to extend a very special thank you to our “Cultural Concierges”, Bill Taylor and The Real New Orleans for taking extra special care of us while showing us around in New Orleans! YOU helped us reach our fundraising goal! LEAF Delta Jazz Band went to New Orleans for Spring Break! Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. A very special thank you to 5 Walnut Wine BarThe Laurel of Asheville,  The Asheville Citizen-Times, and the amazing LEAF community. 

 Thank You!  Gracias! Merci!  

Gena Crow, Tommy George, Danielle D Stiles, Jim Lauzon, Kuumba Zuwena, Ami Worthen, Elizabeth McDonough, Erica Bell, Lael Gray, Jennifer Griffin, Richard Olejniczak, Jodi Rhoden, Kate Henry, Jody Whitehurst, Ashley Cooper, Laura Grantmyre, Mark Forgas, Stacey Bailey, Russ Wheelock, Nancy Cain, Mary Kenemer, Scott Dedman, Lee and Wendy Mulcrone, Sarah Nie, John Cram, Hedy Fischer, Sherrye & Anthony Coggiola, Robert Todd, Wren London, Dini & Chuck Pickering, and everyone else who showed their support!


If you would like to register your child for the LEAF Delta Jazz Band program, please contact Jocelyn Reese at jocelyn@theLEAF.org