LEAF is excited to announce the release of this year’s Pisgah Brewing collaborative beer. Pisgah Brewing is a special partner in the LEAF family. Not only because they are our neighbors here in Black Mountain, but because they have been dedicated to supporting the LEAF mission for over a decade. Through their bi-annual collaborative beer, Pisgah donates a portion of proceeds to our mission of connecting cultures and building community.

Launched in 2008, Pisgah Brewing was started by Dave Quinn in Black Mountain, NC. Like all things LEAF, it started with friends and family. Dave originally started brewing his own beer in 2003 for his social circle until they convinced him it was too good to keep secret. After taking home the Gold medal at the American Home-brew competition – one that featured over 3,000 brews – Dave went on to secure a small amount of financing, purchased some old brewing equipment and the rest was history. Through determination and help from his community, Dave was able to open his shop doors in 2005 and sold his first keg to Barley’s downtown and other small-town shops like Westville Pub and Mellow Mushroom – all of whom still carry Pisgah to this day.

Origin stories like these are part of the reason that a LEAF-Pisgah collaboration has always felt organic. Common purpose, love of community and appreciation for the things that make life great – beer and music – allow for us to connect with our neighbors and do amazing things together. That bond is only made stronger when the individuals involved have ties to LEAF as well. During our tour, we met with Benton Wharton who is now the General Manager at Pisgah Brewing, but years ago he was a festival manager working with LEAF.

Hearing stories of how his LEAF experience impacted him was a joy, but what stood out most was his recognition of our community. “One of my first gigs was working with parking and traffic. The first thing that I noticed was that not only do these people come back year after year but the same people have been coming [to LEAF] since the beginning. And it’s hard to tell someone who has coming somewhere for years, where to park their car. They feel like it’s their home… and it sort of is.” he continued, “From a festival standpoint, I would always use LEAF as an example. What kind of festival do you want to build? Moving beyond the line-up, you want to be a festival that allows the community to thrive and grow and feel apart of the team. That’s what LEAF has done, and it’s a beautiful thing.”

This year’s brew is particularly special as it differs from past year’s  Amber Ale. This year’s LEAF
Session Ale is a special brew designed to embody the festival atmosphere found in the late Spring of the Western North Carolina mountains. This refreshingly hoppy Session Ale is best enjoyed amongst friends and family and there is no better place for that than Spring LEAF Festival.

We are honored to have found such a great partner in Pisgah Brewing and thrilled that our community continues to support efforts that not only raise funds for the work that we do, but that bring our community a little bit closer every day. Cheers!