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SouthernFriedBSouthern Fried LEAF Poetry Slam
A view of MAY 2014 LEAF SLAM from Slammaster Nave'
"Theresa won the slam, but not win without much work over six rounds of poetry thanks to a hard fight by an 18 year old high school senior, Rachel R. Carroll, who went head to head with Theresa and Ed Mabrey in the 5th sudden death round. 

Unlike other youth poets who have made it into the finals, Rachel had the spine and poetry to compete with the big guns.Her family members are big LEAFers.  Rachel could hardly contain herself. She said she'd been watching these poets since she was 15.  She said she couldn't believe she was even in finals much less in the top four. Seeing a girl like Rachel rise on the LEAF stage justifies the whole effort. I've always felt the best way to help "the youth" is to let them grow like weeds while giving them loads of encouragement and venues to showcase in. It's amazing how far people will go in their creativity when they are given the chance.  The LEAF stage has produced hundreds of wonderful stories over the years. We'll never know how many poets have flowed from the LEAF stage into the big word with a spring in their step and a passion for standing their ground and making positive change. 

Love, N' "


"LEAF Poetry Slam opened me up to bigger dreams- I was MONUMENTALLY INSPIRED. I sat for 6 hours in one chair toward the front and could not stop crying as i listened to 'rip your heart out' poems. I would wipe the tears from my face and wait eagerly for the next one."  Terri| Atlanta

Poetry is one of the oldest arts and creative paths of expression. LEAF creates a poetic scenario to explore words and poetry in several ways: performances, slams, and interactive workshops. So speak out. The Poetry Slam has swept the nation and The Leaf Slam is one of the best. Nationally recognized poets & daring novices descend on LEAF to blaze like meteors day and night taking you on a journey. It's high energy! It's real! It's authentic! It's poetry! It's fun. Come, be part of it. LEAF Poetry Slam is HOT! View Slam Winners in right sidebar.PoetMay10web

"I am finally and officially a "leafer.” LEAF is a thing of beauty. The poetry slam was absolutely incredible! Many thanks!"
-Micah Jean Massey

"Andi's life will likely be changed because of her win. It was a watershed moment for her as her family stood by with roars of support. The competition was at its best and she spoke up and out to bring home the win!"

"We are all pulse and sweat, tissue and nerve ending. We are programmed to grope and fumble until we get it right."
-Gabe Moses Quote from Poem that won him 3rd place!

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Slammaster & Poetic Host, James Navé
James Nave' brings more than twenty years of experience to the craft of presenting poetry on stage. He is one of the cofounders of Poetry Alive! and has been active of the Poetry Slam community since 1991. In addition, he has memorized over 600 poems and performed thousands of shows in the U.S. and abroad. With Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, James has co-produced and co-taught the Artist’s Way Creativity Camps. He currently leads The Imaginative Storm Creativity Retreats with fellow writer, Allegra Huston. Nave' holds his MFA in poetry from Vermont College. He splits his time between NYC, Asheville and Taos.

LEAF Schools & Streets Youth Poetry SLAM

LSSYouthPoetSlamZBwebLSSYouthSlamJudgeCFThe Youth Slam!, hosted by young vibrant Poets,  is a show of sound and fury, and laughs, and silence... the Youth have plenty to say about a lot of things, including where we think We're headed! Come out to Roots Village Saturday late afternoon, and hear a piece of fortune or participate as a random audience judge! ANY KID MAY ENTER- check schedule & sign up just before SLAM.

" I was SO impressed by all of those young poets! Thanks!" Emily

“Thank YOU so much for giving these kids a VOICE....I just love it! ” Beth

Reflections on October 2013 Youth SLAM:  "What a wonderful LEAF with the slam fam. Congratulations to Liam Kelley Black for taking first place in the youth slam; Porter Dowd for second place; Shanita Jackson, third; and Devin Jones, fourth. The BNV Team wowed the crowd with a showcase at the start of the final round of the adult slam in Eden Hall Saturday night. Way to represent, Bryan Head, Oli Luke, Matt Kerber, Liam Kelley Black, and Shanita Jackson. Congrats also to Aaron Kreizman and Colette Heiser for being great hosts of the youth slam and making us so proud with your competition in the adult slam -- congrats to Aaron for placing second behind the two, tied first place winners.." -Beth McDonough, LEAF in Schools & Streets Youth Slam Coordinator

May 2014 Youth SLAM Winners!!
1st Place:  Liam Kelley Black, School of Inquiry and Life Sciences
2nd Place: Lila Richardson, Francine Delany
Place: Sierra Ackerman, T.C. Roberson
4th Place: Nicolai Rolett, Francine Delaney

LEAF Poetry SLAM Details & How to Enter

You must buy in advance a Saturday LEAF Festival pass (approx $55- check TICKET PAGE) which includes: 1) Entrance to LEAF Poetry Slam; 2) Admission to all LEAF Festival events. Buy your Saturday Ticket (which is also your LEAF Slam pass) online HERE or call 828. 68-MUSIC [686-8742]. NOTE: Passes are sold only in advance.
LOCATION: Eden Cabaret Hall (See festival map upon arrival & double check stage schedule)
1-1:45 p.m. Signup at Eden Cabaret Hall Porch on the south side of the building facing the tennis courts.
2:00-4:00 p.m. Qualifying Round Eden Cabaret Hall main stage. Top 12 scoring poets advance to evening show.
8:00-11:00 p.m. Slam Finals Eden Cabaret Hall main stage: NOTE: Slam starts at 8:30 p.m. Your call time is 8:00 pm, Eden Hall Cabaret.
  1. 1st Place: $1000.00 plus LEAF Weekend Performer Pass (Friday-Sunday) includes food, guest not included ($250.00 Value). Redeem for one festival only, good for three years.
  2. 2nd place: $125.00 plus LEAF Weekend Performer Pass (Friday-Sunday) includes food, guest not included, $250.00 Value. Redeem for one festival only, good for three years.
  3. 3rd place: $100.00 plus LEAF Weekend Performer Pass (Friday-Sunday) includes food, guest not included ($250.00 Value). Redeem for one festival only, good for three years.
  4. 4th-8th place: LEAF Saturday Pass (Saturday 9am-2am) does not include food or guest, approx $60.00 value. Redeem for one festival only, good for three years.
  5. 2nd-8th place, SPECIAL LEAF TRADITION: Before the 4th Round we pass the hat. Our average take is $550 in 10 minutes. Think church collection. We split this evenly between 2nd-8th place.  $78.57 per poet on average, sometimes it's less; sometimes it's more.
1) Time Limit: 3 minutes 20 Seconds. Half point (.05) time penalty for every 10 seconds over; 2) No Props; 3) Must be your original work; 4) Check your ego at the door.
Afternoon Qualifying Poetry Slam Round   
All poets compete. Top 12 scoring afternoon poets advance to the evening finals.
Evening Final Poetry Slam Rounds
Cumulative Scores
  1. Round One: 12 poets drop to 6 poets
  2. Round Two: 6 poets drop to 4 poets
  3. Round Three: (Improvisational) 4 poets, nobody dropped in this round.
  4. Round Four: 4 poets drop to 3 poets. Cumulative Scoring over. Drop Cumulative Scores; go to sudden death
  5. Round Five: 3 poets drop 2 poets: Top scoring poet wins $1000.
  6. Round Six: Only in case of a tie.


View Poets at LEAF Slam
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1st Place
SLAM Prize $1000
+ house raisin' $$ !

LEAF's 38th Slam May 2014
#1 Theresa Davis | Atlanta, GA 
#1 Rachael R. Carroll
#3 Ed MabreyCharlotte NC
#4 Carlos Robson
#5 Shyla Hardwick
#6 Kiera Nelson
#7 Colette Heiser
#8 Chris August
#9 Zak Corsi
#10 Samuel Eddie

LEAF's 37th Slam October 2013
SLAM! Top 2 tied for 1st place
#1 Ed Mabrey, Charlotte NC
#1 Kiera Neslon (Miss Haze), Snellville GA
#3 Aron Kriezman
#4 Gabe Moses, Atlanta GA
#5 Christopher Barker (CB)
#6 Colette Heiser, Asheville NC
#7 Samm Simpson, Rutherfordton NC
#8 Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield AL
LEAF in Schools & Streets
YOUTH Slam October 2013 Winners

#1 Liam Kelly Black, 11th Grade SILSA
#2 Porter Dowd, 11th Grade AVL High
#3 Shanita, Junior Blue Ridge Early College
#4 Devin Jones, 9th Grade SILSA

LEAF's 36th Slam May 2013
#1 Jonida “Gypsee Yo” Beqo | Kennesaw, GA 30144
#2 Ed Mabrey
#3 Theresa Davis | Atlanta, GA
#4 Fredrick Ebethard
#5 Gabe Moses
#6 CP Maze
#7 Christopher Barker
#8 Carlos Robsen
#9 Lane Shuler
#10 Aron Kreizman
#11 Jessicah Kean
#12 Jim Dwyer| St. Petersburg, FL
#13 Jerri Hardesty| Brierfield, AL
#14 Kera Nelson
#15 Black Swan

LEAF's 35th Slam October 2012
#1 Jonida “Gypsee Yo” Beqo | Kennespaw, GA
#2 Ed Mabrey
#3 Chris August
#4 Theresa Davis | Atlanta, GA
#5 Jerri Hardesty | Brierfield, AL
#6 Stefen Micko
#7 Starr | Knoxville, TN
#8 Christopher Baker (CB)
#9 Jessicah Kean
#10 Gabe Moses
#11 CP Maze
#12 Jim Dwyer | St. Petersburg, FL
#13 Alley Cat
#14 Justin Blackburn

LEAF's 34th Slam
May 2012
#1 Carlos Robson  Cashiers, NC
#2 Theresa Davis Atlanta, GA
#3 Gabe Moses
#4 Christopher Baker (CB)
#5 Matt Kerber
#6 CP Maze
#7 Quentin Talley (Q)
#8 Jerri Hardesty
#9 Malki
#10  Samuel Eddie

LEAF in Schools & Streets YOUTH Slam
May 2012 Winners Middle School
#1 Sam Bible-Sullivan, AVL Middle
#2 Raven McKnight, ArtSpace
#3 Katie Bell, Owen Middle
May 2012 Winners High School
#1 Shanita Jackson, Blue Ridge Early College
#2 Dakota Onder, AVL High
#3 Rachel Carrol, Porter Ridge

LEAF's 33rd Slam
October 2011
#1 Ed Mabrey, Charlotte NC
#2 CP Maze
#3tie Jim Dwyer, St Petersburg FL
#3tie Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield AL
#5 Gabe Moses Win, Atlanta GA
#6 Malika Hadley Freydberg, College Park GA
#7 Christopher “CB” Baker
#8 Emma Erbath, Asheville NC
#9 Lee Miller, Murfreesboro TN
#10 Billy Green, Asheville NC
LEAF Schools & Streets YOUTH Slam October 2011
#1 Nita Jackson, 9th Grade Henderson Co. Early College
#2 Liam Kelly Black, 9th Grade SILSA
#3 Dakota Beane, 12th Grade  AVL High

LEAF's 32nd Slam
May 2011
#1 Chris August, Baltimore, MD
#2 Theresa Davis, Atlanta, GA
#3 Carlos Robson, Cashiers, NC  
#4 Ayodele Heath  
#5  Twain Dooley
#6 Reneé (Copperhead Red) Hickman  
#7 Christopher Baker (CB)
#8 Kevin Barger
#9 Gus Wood
#10 Jerri Hardesty

LEAF's 31st Slam October 2010
#1 Carlos Robson • Cashiers, NC
#2 Theresa Davis • Atlanta, GA
#3 Graham Hackett • Asheville, NC
#4 Gregg Bee
#5 Kevin Barger
#6 Christopher Barker
#7 Darnell Fine
#8 Kapia McNary
#9 Jason Failing
#10 Andi Kauth

LEAF's 30th Slam May2010
#1 Winner Andi Kauth • Chicago, IL
#2 Twain Dooley • Baltimore, MD
#3 Carlos Robson • Cashiers, NC
#4 Theresa Davis • Atlanta, GA
#5 Chris August • Baltimore, MD
#6 Starr • Charlotte, NC
#7 Quentin Talley • Charlotte, NC
#8 Kevin Barger
#9 Jim Dwyer
#10 Renaissance
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