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Connecting Cultures & Creating Community through Music & Arts

Families • Youth • Artists • Performers • Volunteers

Collaborators • Sponsors • Customers • Staff

LEAF is a non-profit organization, building community, connecting cultures and enriching lives through the arts – locally and globally – with festivals, community events, and arts education programs.

Legal Name:
LEAF Community Arts  

About LEAF's Arts Education Programs:
LEAF Schools & Streets

An educational outreach program matching artists with youth in schools and communities for hands-on workshops, residencies, interactive performances and mentoring that includes opportunities for youth to perform with the artists at LEAF - and beyond.

LEAF International
Empowering youth globally through musical traditions to create self-esteem, skills, connection, and community. Connecting youth to their local cultural traditions with local teaching artists, local instruments and costumes.

Our Values:

Empowerment • Community
Cultures • Collaboration
Outreach • Teamwork
Positive Attitudes • Respect
Integrity • Creativity

LEAF is a Developmental

Asset-Infused Organization

Developmental Assets built
through LEAF include:

Cultural Competence
Personal Power
Community Values Youth
Adult Role Models
Creative Activities

 LEAF Board at Retreat 2013

"LEAF embodies the universal language of music and transcends the significance that music and the arts are fundamental cornerstones in every community around the world. My love for music and dance is shared in common with the entire LEAF commu
nity and grows at every festival."
-Sarah Nie, LEAF Board

"LEAF is a vital and vibrant contributor to our local community through the festivals, LEAF Schools & Streets, and on a larger scale through LEAF International. LEAF is an essential part of my own life, for me, my family and my friends. LEAF is a biannual oasis for us that makes our lives richer in ever-changing ways!"
-James Fisher, LEAF Board


Board of Directors 2014

Jody Whitehurst | Board President
Real Estate Broker

James Fisher | Vice President
Asheville Scene Executive

Jill Jones | Treasurer    
Accountant Executive

Mary O'Dwyer | Board Secretary
Policy and Project Management

Gary Broome
Marketing & Design

Tracy Massiello Brown
Fundraising & Non Profit Management

Ashley Cooper

Creative Community Arts & Youth Development

Cleaster Cotton

Cultural Conservationist & Visual Artist
Christine DiBenedetto
Entrepreuner & Community Action

Vince Floriani
Public School Teacher & Musician

Tommy George


River Guerguerian
International Performing Artist

Cliff Hotchkiss       


Debrissa McKinney


Holt Moore   
Commercial Real Estate & Community Service
Sarah Nie 
Property Management

Reggie Tidwell

Owner Curve Theory Graphic Design

Robert Todd
Public Art Board Chairman & Architect
Anastasia Yarbrough
Enviornmental & Social Activism & Classical Performing Artist
LEAF Attorneys At Law
Bob Deutsch  & Sean Devereux

Past Board Members. Thank you for your service & dedication to LEAF:
Carol Antman • Ivi Bilich
Jana Daley • Bob Deutsch
Sean Devereux • Wond Hallie
Elbert Hargrave
Elizabeth Hunter  • Selena Lauterer 
Meg MacLeod • Jim Magill
Doug Orr • Jaime Perkins
Michael Perling • Chuck Pickering
Craig Plocica • Rob Routhieaux
Selenah Seabrooks • Parvinder Sethi
Elizabeth Teague •
Terri Teaque
Kat Williams

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