Highlights and Milestones

In our fast moving world, we often move on to the next thing or next event and forget to stop, embrace and celebrate our successes. 

LEAF Timeline

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Celebrate LEAF!

Some words of praise and gratitude from LEAFers, performers and supporters:


“Every time I come to LEAF my spirit is renewed and outlook on life lifted. I have marveled at what this very humble yet powerful festival manages to achieve. Harmony, community building, cultural expression and celebration of creativity. All across different ethnicity, nationality, ideology, generation, gender, orientation, class and political identity. An incredible gathering of amazing people, creating fun transformative music, poetry and stories. This is indeed worthy of celebration.”

-Masankho Banda of Malawi


“LEAF is our family’s religion. It is where we taught our  boys tolerance, and how to be part of a positive community.”

-Kippy Perkins


“LEAF aims to ‘connect cultures and create community through music and art’ in the great outdoors.  A cultural mélange of musical styles awaits visitors to this festival, which seeks to expose folks to new music and a diverse array of cultures.  African, Appalachian, blues, bluegrass, Cajun, Celtic, Texan and moresounds will emanate from four stages and a jam tent over the weekend.”

-Michael Kornfeld,
Acoustic Music Scene

A Glimpse Into LEAF Press Stories

“If you’re open to new experiences and want to get away, LEAF is the perfect place to start. The sights and sounds of LEAF felt like being a world away, and it was worth it. There is something magical about seeing nature at its best. I could see how having that view as a backdrop unites people, music and art.”

-Lashawnda K. Becoats,
Q City Metro-Charlotte

“LEAF was an amazing experience. At one point we sat on a hill with David Wilcox, playing music, with the most amazing view, and it was one of those magical moments we will remember our entire lives. We’ve always loved LEAF, and have wonderful memories of going with our daughter, but it was really special to have Danny  perform. Thank you for all the love and energy you’ve created there. LEAF will always hold a special place in our hearts.”    

-Liz & Danny Ellis

“LEAF has become our semi-annual family retreat – a time to replenish and reconnect with individuals and as a family.  I often liken LEAF to my temporary utopia… the ultimate escape… a safe and loving environment… a large extended family reunion including members that you have yet to meet.  Every October and May, there is a sense of coming home when we are pulling up to Lake Eden… LEAF is something very special.”