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We have 3 areas around the festival where 60 or more Healing Arts workshops are held:

Earth Tent: movement, dance, yoga, music, sound healing and more…

Sky Tent: lectures, writing, meditation, improv, music and more…

Earth Skills: sustainability, permaculture, building, nature walks, education and more…


Due to COVID-19 we have shifted our

50th LEAF Festival to October 22-25, 2020.

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Wishing you all health, happiness and healing.
Let’s stay connected and remember we are all in this together.

Below are on-line offerings from some of our

Healing Artists. 



Corey Costanzo of Still Point Wellness
7:30 Daily Morning Meditation

Live THRIVE Love with Carolyn Little
Live THRIVE Love with Carolyn Little YouTube

Kelly Gilmore Yoga
Kelly Gilmore Yoga YouTube

Great Abiding Yoga w/ Tara(Becky) Eschenroeder

Restorative Yoga w/ Costanzo Family
Still Point Wellness Facebook

Sierra Hollister
Sierra Hollister Yoga YouTube

Kids yoga with Eden Toan
Jess Toan YouTube

LIVE Streaming on FB donation based

Great Abiding Yoga w/ Tara(Becky) Eschenroeder
PayPal: beckesch@gmail.com
VENMO: @Rebecca_Eschenroeder
Facebook Live Stream

Kelly Gilmore Yoga
Paypal: kellyagilmore@gail.com

Venmo: @Kelly-Gilmore
Facebook Live Stream

Scott Lawlor Yoga
Venmo: @pickleasana
Facebook Live Stream

Jill Phoenix Yoga
PayPal: jillphoenix@yahoo.com
Venmo: @Jill-Phoenix-2
Join her on Zoom.com
Meeting ID:
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Sunrise Kundalini 6-7am

Kundalini 8-9:15am

Candlelight Yin 7:15-8:30pm

Gentle Flow 12:15-1:15

Meditation & Yoga
Carolyn Little

Network Chiropractic:
Nourish & Flourish
April 2, 2020

Teaching people to release stress on their own and then build their energy for strength, power, and courage.   



If interested in hosting a
FREE Healing Arts Workshop at LEAF…
please read all info below!!!

Healing Arts FAQs Healing Arts Workshop & Vendor Guidelines



In attending and presenting at LEAF for the first time this year, every single one of my expectations were surpassed. The loving community of open arms and open heart made me feel like I had been a part of this tribe for lifetimes. When I came to LEAF I came hOMe.
~Tara (Becky) Eschenroeder, Great Abiding Yoga

Our experience at the LEAF festival in 2018 both Spring and Fall were excellent!  This festival is one of the most well organized and welcoming for vendors and presenters that we have experienced.  From check-in to load out, every aspect of the vendor experience was well thought out.  The presenter’s schedule was well arranged and logistical details were attended to in advance.  Have an emergency or need help?  The volunteers will band together and see that you are well taken care of.  Thank you team LEAF!
~Jim and Ashley Cash, Woven Green