LEAF 50th Festival: October 22nd-25th 2020

Applications go on sale January 1st,  2020
Application DEADLINE for Spring is February 25th, 2020  (Healing Arts Vendors & Presenters notified by March 13th)
Application DEADLINE for Fall is July 24th, 2020  (Healing Arts Vendors & Presenters notified by August 14th)

LEAF festival stage events start Thursday at 6pm and end Sunday 6pm.
There is a $30 NON-REFUNDABLE APPLICATION FEE to apply. (You can apply for both the Spring and Fall festivals at once for a one-time fee of $50)

Accepted workshop presenters will provide one workshop presentation (minimum of 60 minutes) in exchange for their weekend pass to the festival. Weekend passes are from Fri-Sun. You can purchase a Weekend Plus pass (Thurs-Sun) if you are a LEAF Member ($41+tax). Weekend passes include a tent camping permit only. It does NOT include car camping, food, or guest pass. *If you are also applying for a Healing Arts Booth space, you must apply for this separately.

WORKSHOP TIMES: Classes run Friday evening, Saturday all day and Sunday until 4pm. Workshops are scheduled in 60 minute sessions but longer classes may be considered, especially for partnered activities or crafting workshops. These workshops are offered to festival goers, at no charge, though in some cases a materials fee may be approved by the Healing Arts Director. You can state a time preference, but this is in no way guaranteed.

OPTIONS: You may offer up to three different classes on your application. Co-facilitators must apply individually but indicate their intention to co-teach with a partner in their class description. 

LOCATIONS: There are two primary Healing Arts locations, both are outdoors under a large tent with mostly level grass. (The EARTH Tent is the bigger of the two which is more for movement classes. The SKY Tent is more for smaller groups and seated workshops/discussions). There are also a few early morning Healing Arts presentation slots at various stages. The Earth Skills classes are hosted on Saturday at a gently sloping and forested site on the campgrounds.

PROMOTION and SALES: As a facilitator, you may promote your other events and services in your class BUT YOU CAN NOT SELL ANY products or services. If you have crafted goods or special services to sell, we recommend you apply for a healing arts or hand-crafter BOOTH. If you have media or literature to sell, we recommend you make arrangements to do so through LEAF Style.

If you are accepted and fail to show, you will be invoiced for the entire ticket price. We appreciate your understanding. Please arrive early and prepared to teach your class, no matter how many people show.  If you have further questions, see FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, or contact the Healing Arts Director at healingarts@theleaf.org.

Thank you for your interest in LEAF Healing Arts!

LOTS of LEAF love!!!

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