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EMErgence: Electronic Music Experience

Connecting Local Youth with Music & Technology


  EMErgence connects youth with music through technology by hiring local and national teaching artists to provide workshops and installations in the community. These teaching artists educate young, aspiring artists about the evolution of technology and to help them create and produce music. Emergence would not be possible without the support of the Dan Lucas Memorial Funds and the Ben Gradison Memorial Funds!


By celebrating the accessibility of music that technology provides, this project seeks to provide a meaningful and engaging experience for youth in our local under-served community. EMErgence will feature master musicians, sound technicians and music producers both locally and nationally known and encourage emerging their artistry and with young local aspiring artists from the Asheville community.


Connect local and national musicians with young aspiring musicians and provide them the time and space to create work inspiring them to use technology as a means of creative expression through a multiple day experience to deepen their understanding of using technology to create music.


EMErgence 2014 contains three separate programs, in schoolsin communities and for the public. This new model allows Emergence the opportunity to have a greater more full circle reach to community members in the city of Asheville. The programming will then meet and conjoin for a collective day of Mixing at Echo Mountain Recording Studio in Downtown Asheville.

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EMErgence in Communities

This segment of the program offers workshops for teens and young emerging musicians from the communities such as Hillcrest, Pisgah View and Livingston to participate in beat making, audio production and field recording. Small groups of youth will work together to go through the process of creating, recording and mixing their own song. These activities will occur at the Burton Street 1 Mic Studio, created through LEAF Schools & Streets funding from the Ben Gradison Memorial Fund in conjunction with Asheville Parks & Recreation and GO.


Students gather to make their own Junkyard Beats!

Students gather to make their own Junkyard Beats!

      Activities include: Junkyard Beats!

                Students make  their own beat using items from the world around you! Student learn that your imagination is an instrument in itself!  





Young artists work together!

Young artists work together!

EMErgence: for the Public

Vision: Provide a public platform for local and national talent to demonstrate the broad spectrum of creative expression using the technological advancements of today through an industry rooted and educational event series.

Description: Artists will conducted free panel discussions open to all ages of the public in downtown Asheville. Each seminar will be based on topics chosen by the artist(s) with input from the EME organizers. The purpose of these seminars is to provide an opportunity for the general public to engage in the EMErgence experience, by providing a time and space for people to participate in free workshops. In conjunction with the workshops, there will be an open floor discussion prompted by questions about the local music industry and community development. EME would like to partner with a local production company to produce a large local music showcase after each workshop.  


Music in Education
Creative expression through technology – Individualism
Cultural connections through music spreading music across the globe.
Progression through synthesis of live and electronic music
Journal of sound: how to embed personality into production / art
Pioneering an original sound
Genrefication and how it affects your brand and you as an artist
Live performance strategies
Creative workflow
Electronic music: What is it and where is it going?


Past EMErgence Programs

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