Easel Rider

 Easel Rider – Asheville’s Mobile Art Lab – is all about connecting people and art. The City of Asheville’s Parks & Recreation Division recently partnered with LEAF to operate the Easel Rider, boosting public access to art. The Easel Rider provides interactive hands-on activities that will challenge Ashevillians to experience creation on the go!

Easel Rider supports the idea that art is not confined to the indoors. Using the truck as a staging arena, LEAF hires local artists to offer a varied palette of hands- on projects and creative outlets for youth and adults alike.



History of the Easel Rider

In 2011, the Cultural Arts Division of converted a 1984 bread truck into a rolling art studio and showcase.  The Easel Rider contains 80 linear feet of art supplies with a sound system, projectors, and more!

In July 2013, the City of Asheville partnered with LEAF to continue Easel Rider programming, which is free to all nonprofit organizations, Asheville city programming and community centers!  You can also book the Easel Rider to complement your private events.  Contact the Easel Rider Team today!   

Personal Testimony


“The Easel Rider allows us to connect with communities in a very different and new way. We are able to partner with existing community events and bring in cultural connections with the Easel Rider’s resources and LEAF Schools & Streets Teaching Artists. The possibilities with the Easel Rider are endless!”

-Jocelyn Reese, LEAF Schools & Streets Director







The Easel Rider can be used in many differenent capacities:

After-school Programs 
Community Functions
Specific School Activities
Outdoors Activities (especially)
Summer Camps


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Harmony Motors and Asheville Parks & Rec are proud sponsors of the Easel Rider.

For more information about the Easel Rider, including booking info,
Please contact Schree Chavdarov, Cultural Arts Director at Schree@theLEAF.org.