LEAF International Rwanda Culture Keeper David Kwizera is collaborating with LEAF Schools & Streets to create a 2-month cultural exchange with several local schools & community centers. The past 2 weeks, youth have already dived deep into cultural awareness and the importance of African culture in the art & music world. David is not only teaching youth drum & dance, but he is focusing on many levels of cultural understanding including language & traditional culinary norms in the Rwandan culture.

By focusing on a variety of traditional Rwandan elements, David’s classes will have a deeper connection to cultural competency – one of the six Developmental Assets LEAF Schools & Streets has identified that exemplify the types of skills LEAF programs help to develop in students. By using Cultural Competency as a guide, David is helping kids to connect to his culture in a hands-on way. David is using music & art to bridge geographical, cultural, and linguistic boundaries – helping youth to experience life as global citizens. 

“When the kids dance, it reminds me of when I was their age learning my culture. It’s a memory that can never be lost.”

*David Kwizera is substituting classes for local culture keeper Adama Dembele as he travels to West Africa to support on-the-ground efforts of LEAF International Ivory Coast.

Thanks to the continued support of MemberSHIP, LEAF International serves more than 750 each week in 10 countries: Costa Rica, Rwanda, Bequia, Guatemala, Panama, Mexico, Tanzania, Ivory Coast, Haiti, and Mardi Gras Indians of NOLA.