LIRwanda-DavidAtEvergreenTeaching17-EDITEDCultural Exchanges are an integral part of the work that LEAF International does in efforts of cultivating a stronger global community and connecting cultures around the world. During Cultural Exchanges, LEAF International Culture Keepers, Teaching artists, and youth come to Asheville to share their heritage traditions with the local communities. These exchanges happen multiple times a year. In October, LEAF will welcome cultural exchanges by LEAF International Guatemala, New Orleans, and Ivory Coast.

What is the outcome of LEAF International Cultural Exchanges?  Heritage sustainability, cultural awareness, and global citizenship!


LEAF International Rwanda & Tanzania Cultural Exchanges touched over 1500 youth and community members this past May.  11 Schools| 4 Community Centers| And several public and private events:
  •     North Buncombe Middle School – 500 youthLIRwandaPatrickDance3Oakley17
  •     Burton Street – 20 members
  •     Christine Avery Center – 15 youth
  •     Orange Peel – 493 total attendees
  •     Deaverview Community Center – 22 youth
  •     Pisgahview Community Center – 30 youth & adults
  •     Ever Green Community Charter School – 80 youth
  •     Oakley Elementary – 460 youth
  •     Dotsy’s Community Workshop with David Kwizera  – 45 youth & adult
  •     Special Performance: East connects with West Africa – David Kwizera joins local culture keeper Adama Dembele’s band Les Amis at 5 Walnut Wine Bar & the Greenville Coliseum.