Burton Street ONEmic Studio:

Connecting the Burton Street Community with Music & Technology       

  Started by LEAF Community Arts in 2014, the Burton Street ONEmic Studio allows youth and community members to access a fully operational recording studio for creative projects.  LEAF Schools & Streets provides teaching artists weekly to guide youth and adults, alike, in the many aspects of the recording studio.  These teaching artists educate young, aspiring artists about the evolution of technology and to help them create and produce music. The Burton Street ONEmic Studio would not be possible without the support of the Ben Gradison Memorial Funds!

What’s New at Burton St?

Burton Street Recreation Center welcomed Visiting Teaching Artists, Beny Eguerra & New Tradition, LEAF International Guatemala and LEAF International Rwanda for a Cultural Exchange before Fall LEAF Festival. ONEmic Studio Manager, Nex Millen led introductions and Q&A between the Burton Street youth and these representatives from global cultures. Benny Esguerra & New Tradition (representing Columbia) shared how they connect ancestral with hip hop, Adama Dembele (representing Ivory Coast) shared the traditional drum rhythms of West Africa, and Vernon “Budda Budda” Lloyd (representing Chicago) shared his Chicago inspirations.



The Burton Street ONEmic Studio would not be possible without our partnership with Asheville Parks & Recreation.  Their support makes it possible for us to bring this valuable program to our youth and the community at large.  We are also grateful for the support of the Burton Street Residence Association who generously welcome our programs into their community.


By celebrating the accessibility of music that technology provides, this project seeks to provide a meaningful and engaging experience for youth in our local under-served community. The Burton Street ONEmic Studio features master musicians, sound technicians and music producers both locally and nationally known and encourages the development of artistry with young local aspiring artists from the Asheville community.


Connect local and national musicians with young aspiring musicians and provide them the time and space to create work inspiring them to use technology as a means of creative expression through a multiple day experience to deepen their understanding of using technology to create music.

Hip Hop Culture Classes

Nex Millen teaches youth about Hip Hop Culture every Tuesday from 4:30-6:00pm. The class focuses on connecting hip-hop culture to the elements of rap. It is an open-ended class and a safe and supportive place where youth can enjoy themselves.

Intro to DJing Classes

DJ Kutzu, LEAF Schools & Streets Teaching Artist, teaches intro to DJing every Wednesday from 4:30-6:00pm. He teaches youth the art and technical science of scratching, cutting, and mixing.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Lisa Zahiya leads the “B-Street Dancers” in their practice of hip-hop dance every Monday from 3:30 – 4:30pm. The class provides youth an opportunity to freely express themselves through fun body movement while learning coordination and control of the body and their immediate space.

EMErgence: Electronic Music Experience

Connecting Local Youth with Music & Technology       

  Started by LEAF Community Arts in 2013, EMErgence connects youth with music through technology by hiring local and national teaching artists to provide workshops and installations in the community. These teaching artists educate young, aspiring artists about the evolution of technology and to help them create and produce music. EMErgence would not be possible without the support of the Dan Lucas Memorial Funds and the Ben Gradison Memorial Funds!

About Burton Street ONEmic Studio
EMErgence: in Schools

EMErgence: in Schools

EMErgence partnered with Asheville High School to provide a Visiting Teaching Artist residency with Ableton certified instructor Ben Hovey, HoveyKraft. Ben worked with the advanced Digital Media class during the day and provided an after school session entitled, “Introduction to Ableton”. Ben reinvented what is possible in live performances by synergizing the musician and DJ archetypes.

As HoveyKraft he played the trumpet with his right hand, harmonized on keys with his left, made live loops with his feet, all while seamlessly remixing and manipulating samples with these live performances.

EMErgence: in Communities

EMErgence: in Communities

This segment of the program offers workshops for teens and young emerging musicians from the communities such as Hillcrest, Pisgah View and Livingston to participate in beat making, audio production and field recording. Small groups of youth worked together to go through the process of creating, recording and mixing their own song. These activities occurred at the Burton Street 1 Mic Studio, created through LEAF Schools & Streets funding from the Ben Gradison Memorial Fund in conjunction with Asheville Parks & Recreation and GO. 

Activities include: Junkyard Beats!

                Students made their own beats using items from the world around them! Students learned that their imagination is an instrument in itself!  

EMErgence: for the Public

EMErgence: for the Public

Vision: Provide a public platform for local and national talent to demonstrate the broad spectrum of creative expression using the technological advancements of today through an industry rooted and educational event series.

Description: Artists conducted free panel discussions open to all ages of the public in downtown Asheville. Each seminar were based on topics chosen by the artist(s) with input from the EME organizers. The purpose of these seminars was to provide an opportunity for the general public to engage in the EMErgence experience, by providing a time and space for people to participate in free workshops. In conjunction with the workshops, there was an open floor discussion prompted by questions about the local music industry and community development.

Topics: Music in Education, Creative expression through technology – Individualism, Cultural connections through music spreading music across the globe, Progression through synthesis of live and electronic music, Journal of sound: how to embed personality into production / art, Pioneering an original sound, Genrefication and how it affects your brand and you as an artist, Live performance strategies, Creative workflow & Electronic music: What is it and where is it going?